First World Problems: The New Layout

Just everything I think about the new layout, and what I think about what everyone else thinks about the new layout.



Some of the ambassadors are disappointed because they gave suggestions and very few of then were taken on board.
I don't know if anyone remembers, but again when the site updated the first time - the admins didn't ask anyone, at least not until after the update. And then when suggestions and complaints came in, that's when they started fixing things up (again, reference to the italic comments and the satanic smileys).

Look I'm not good at being optimistic, but maybe that's what they're doing here, yeah?  
Maybe they posted the site to get a collective response rather than just the opinions of a few ambassadors. And realistically, the staff aren't going to take you seriously until you guys stop freaking out, okay? Nobody died.
Remember the outbursts about the Funny Fridays? Now everybody joins in. Hell, that's not fair. I got stressed out reading all those disapproving comments.

So just calm down and suggest things politely, rather than have a cyber-meltdown.

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