Big brother


3. phone call

Casey's POV

I was running, as the man chased me, I fell, and I knew this was the end...

"Aaaaahhhh" I screamed, just then I saw my phone ring.

"Hello" I said annoyed. I heard how tired I sounded but to say the truth, I was exhausted!

"Casey!" A raspy, deep but yet exited voice. I already knew, and oh my god, was this gonna be good!!!

" HARRY! OH MY GOD! ITS HARRY FRICKN STYLES!" I started to fake fangirl, just to creep him out. To say the truth I wasn't the biggest victim of direction infection... I was a fan but, you know.

"Uhh, sorry, you... I mean I ,... Wrong number" he quickly rambled. Man was this entertaining.

"Chill, I'm joking. I'm not a fan"

" ouch, hate much" he pretended to be sad, I could hear that pout of his turn into a smirk.

" listen, now that I know about my brother would you care to explain?"

"Yeah, I'm what was left of mum and my dad's marriage and we'll shit happened and now it's all solved"

"Look Harry, I would like to meet up somewhere, have any suggestions?"

"What about chick filla?"

"Sure, sounds good, can you do 12AM today?"

"It's all good, see you there. Uhm ... Wait, sis ?" My heart melted at his words... 'Sis'.

"Yeah Bro?"

"Iloveyou" he blurted out quickly before hanging up. I decided to get ready since it's all ready 10.

I decided on a white top, light denim jacket, dark short shorts and cute scarf with gladiator sandals.

I curled my hair, did very little makeup and that's it. Now waiting for the time to go by...

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