7 Different lives

We met on an unexpected time but our lives where so different but also the same!


3. Take off

Ane's POV

I am so HAPPY!! The guy next to me is Louis and I was right he is familiar!!

He is so nice, he say they are going there because they have a concert there, it sucks because I want to go but everything is sold out!!!

Danielle's POV

Naill is so sweet I forgot all about the take off I think Ane did to because the people and to tell her to be silent 'cause Louis I think made her laugh to hard!! :)

"Are you exited about SA?" I asked him

"Yes, a lot are you going?" He asked me

"No, I would like to but we are new in SA and I didn't know you guys were going, and I didn't know we were moving." I told him sadly.

"Why are you moving?" He asked interested.

Of all the topics he picks that one! ;)

"My dad has a job he needs to get to and it is in a small town just like the one we lived in England!" I said happily

He had a frown on his face

"That is great!! Are you happy about it?!" He asked

"Yes, alo....." I stopped "What is happening?!? Naill help, what is happing?" I asked scared

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