7 Different lives

We met on an unexpected time but our lives where so different but also the same!


1. Packing

Danielle's P.O.V

Camera,lights,acton!! That is what everyone in Hollywood say but here in England in a small town we say band,singer, crowd!!!! Where I live it is a wonderful place we know everyone and everyone knows you!!

That is what I'm going to miss from England, we are moving to South Africa for my fathers work I don't want to go but my BFF is going with us because her family does not want her so she is going with us luckily we have the money for it!

But now I am leaving everything here!! The people, school, friends and my animals it is hard on me but there we are going to live on a thing they call a "Plot" I think it is like a farm but just smaller!!

We are getting new EVERYTHING!!!!! Al we need to pack is 2 bags of clothes and shoes. I am so exited and the best part of all we are also going to live in a small place where everyone know you and you know everyone!!!!

I am so happy!!

Ane's P.O.V

I am sure Danielle already told you everything, I don't like it when she tells everything to everyone! I get so cross with her but I have to say we are the same(ALOT)

The only thing bothering me is where is my TEDDY BEAR?!?!

"Danielle, did you see my teddy bear "Fluffy" somewhere?" I shouted I don't travel without Fluffy she is like my diary she knows everything!! And I am sure she is not going to tell anyone!

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