7 Different lives

We met on an unexpected time but our lives where so different but also the same!


4. Down

Naill's POV

The plane is falling like I was falling for Danielle, she is so scared I wish I could hold her but the flight attend end told us to sit down and stay calm!! Yeah, like that is going to help!

"Are you going to be okay?!" I asked her calm.

"NO, HOW. COULD. I. BE. OKAY?!?!?She screamed afraid at me.

"Just keep calm, you will be fine, just stay calm." I told her.

"How do you know?!?!"She asked me.

"You are with me! That is why and God will help us, just stay calm and He will help us!" I told her calm.

I think it helped her a lot because she went from stressed face to a smiley at me!! :)

Ane's POV

Something is feeling weird!!OMG!!!! We are falling OMG!!!My new mom was so WRONG!!!!! It is NOT fun at all!!

Louis is sleeping next to me while the plane is falling like um like ooh I don't know but he looks so peaceful when he sleeps

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