7 Different lives

We met on an unexpected time but our lives where so different but also the same!


2. Airplane

Danielle's POV

The airplane is huge with a big SA flag sticker on the sides of it!! It was amazing to see there flag it is so unique and it looks special!!

I packed books and other stuff to keep me busy ma and Ane are so exited for this because we share a room together and live under the same roof I. AM. SO. EXITED!!!!

Ane's POV

I am so scared I don't like flying at all. My new mom Mackenzie gave me a great speech about it and now I can't wait till the plain takes of it is going to be so much fun!!

I am sitting next to my new and official sister Danielle, we are sitting in the middle of the airplane, this blonde guy is sitting on the other side of Danielle and a brunette haired guy next to me.

I brought my music with me and a book to it is called "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS" Danielle has also read it and she almost started to cry.

I am so exited till we get there but the boy next to me is so CUTE I think he likes me because he keeps staring at me!

Danielle's POV

The Blonde guy next to me is ADORABLE he is cute he keeps looking at me and he looks very familiar he looks like.... No, no it can't be, it can't be, when we take of I will ask him.

But he looks so cute and I think he is from One Direction or something.

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