Runaway Baby

Squeal to Forever Young

" Quinn! Are you coming baby?" I called out to my small daughter.

" okey mummy!" She toddled up to me. Her brown curly hair, bouncing on her shoulders.

Harry has tried to contact me, he doesn't know about her. He thinks she was aborted. It's for the best.


1. Prologue

" Trish, can I pleaseeee leave Avery with you today?" I begged my roommate.

" course love, she will probably sleep all day any way." Trish looked up smiling at me. " go, have fun at work!!" She smirked ushering me out.

" thanks! I owe you one!" I yelled climbing into my pink car. The pink baby seat sat lone in the rear of the car.

Climbing out of the car, I straightened my black pencil skirt and fixed my tight, black sweetheart top.

I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail. My wrist tattoo was hidden by the braclet Harry gave me a year ago.

I dyed my hair so now it was blending from brown to blonde basically ombre.

" morning jane!" I smiled pulling my apron on.

" Starbucks is now OPEN!" Jane yelled swapping the sign around. I stood by the cash register and waited.

" hi, love, can I please have a large coffee to go?" I recognised that voice anywhere.

Without looking up I nodded. " that will be $5.30 thank you." The guy handed me the money and I had to look up.

" meegan?" Harry asked flicking my loose strands out of my eyes.

" hi Harry?" I weakly smiled. His brown curly hair was flicked to the side and hidden under a beanie.

" what-........ What are you doing here?" Harry stuttered out.

" I um work here!" I sighed, tightening my ponytail.

" you look amazing...." He sighed smiling. The corners of my mouth twitched up.

" Meegan, the coffee is here!" Jane called from the back. I handed Harry his coffee and he grabbed my wrist. He looked down at the tattoo staining my wrist.

" who's Avery?" He asked, a frown creasing between his brows.

" ummm.... She's my ummm..." I frowned scratching my hand. " my goddaughter?" I questioned.

" meegan! Seriously who is she?" He asked more determined this time.

Before I could answer, my phone rang.

" hello Trish? Is everything okay?" I become worried about Avery.

" meegan, she's acting funny and won't stop crying!" Trish spoke concerned.

" okay, tell her mummy's coming. I'll be there soon." I sighed forgetting Harry was there.

Quickly gathering my purse and coffee I yelled to Jane.

" Jane I'm so sorry. It's Avery! I'll be as quick as I can!" I yelled running out the door.

" take care love!" I heard Jane yell.

Arriving home, I ran inside. Trish had a screaming Avery in her arms. Trish handed her over and she stopped crying a bit.

" what's wrong avery?" I asked rocking her.

She coughed and spluttered " my head hurts mummy!"

" it's okay. Let's get some medicine to help your headache" I cooed sitting her on the counter in the kitchen. I handed her the syringe and a jelly bean for after wards.

" is she okay Meegan?" Trish asked carrying a blanket with her.

" yeah I think she's got a bad cold" I sighed washing the syringe and Avery's hands.


" come on Avery!" I smiled lifting my daughter off of the counter.

Trish wrapped Avery in the pink blanket and put the kettle on.

I hurried along the wooden floors, my feet echoing on the hard surface.

Reaching the door, my hand touched the doorbell and I pulled back. I didn't even know why.

Opening the door, I saw Harry!

" Harry?" I gasped almost slamming the door in his face.

" meegan, we need to talk, I miss you." Harry frowned cupping my cheek. I leaned into it for a minute before I was snapped back into reality.

" mummy!!!" I heard Avery giggle running down the corridor.

I turned to my small daughter and picked her up.

" mummy?" Harry questioned looking me up and down. The cogs began to work in Harry's head.

" meegan, you never got an abortion did you?" He asked flicking his hair to the side.

" ummm, no Harry." I mumbled brushing Avery's hair out of her face. Harry reached for Avery.

" you cheated in me Harry! You can't just expect to be able to walk back into our lives and act like nothing happened." I whispered, tears threatening to fall.

" I know meegan. But can you please just hear me out?" He begged.

I nodded and let him in. Carrying Avery upstairs, I tripped on the fifth step. I felt Harry grab my waist, his hand findin the bear patch of skin on my waist.

" you okay meegan?" He asked concerned.

" yeah. I'm okay." I quickly tucked Avery into her bed in my room and shut the door.

Harry trailed after me downstairs and I wondered into the marble topped kitchen. Trish was sitting on a stool the island bench.

" cup if tea Harry?" She offered smirkin at me.

" yes thanks love." He smiled pulling a seat out for himself.

" uh, Trish you have work in 10 minutes?" I chuckled looking at her rushing out the door.

" love you meags!" She called swinging the door shut behind her.

" sugar harry?" I asked pulling my pink mug down from the cupboard.

" yes please love!" Harry smiled getting the milk out of the fridge.

Sitting down on a seat across from Harry, I cupped my hands around my mug. I began to fiddle in my seat.

" what do you want to talk about harry?" I whispered nervously.

" I want to be a part of Avery's life, and I know you don't want me to but hear me out." He asked sipping his tea. I nodded my head and he took a deep breathe.

" okay, so we have our new tour coming up in two days and I was thinking that you and Avery could come along. I have changed so much meegan, for the better. I haven't dated anyone since I met you and the girl that kissed me, I promise you I haven't seen since. " Harry rambled on.

I held my hands up. " Harry I get it. And I think we will come with you okay?" I smiled.

" oh my... Meegan that's amazing. Thank you. Would you like me go help you pack?" Harry asked smiling cheekily.

" that would be lovely. Thanks hazzy!" I giggled kissing his cheek.


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