Loving An Abused Virgo

My name is Lydia Hawthorne. My parents named me that. I can never change it. I am not a thorn like my surname suggests. I can be a needle in the side sometimes but that is only when I don't get what I want, and most of the time I don't even know what I want.

Maths whizz Lydia Hawthorne is tired of being abused in school. She sometimes whizzes herself into fantasy reality with her precious Niall Horan. Will she ever find her River Niall? It's 75% possible...


4. The Pain I Feel

"Is that really me?" I ask. Peter just looks at me as if I am so stupid I can't even read. 

"You're looking at a mirror... It's reflecting your face... Then yes!" He replies with the type of sarcasm that makes me want to laugh. I can't due to the pain I feel.

"W-why d-did y-you w-want t-to h-help me?" I ask. Peter doesn't even have time to answer. I scream and the alarm goes off. The nurses run in and inject another syringe to my neck.


I wake up in my own beautiful bedroom at home. My parents are smiling down at me, tears in their eyes.

"Hey Lyds." My father says.

"Lydia Grace Hawthorne.. You have a visitor." My mother tells me. I look behind them and I want to scream out of my chest. My heart thumps wildly. I start hurting everywhere in my body as I was re-living the terror. Anja Havenwisp is standing there, smiling down on me. She is wearing a short flowing red dress, a pink cardigan and matching pink high-heels. Her golden curls are let loose.

"Thank you so much for letting me see Lydia! It means a lot to me Mr and Mrs. Hawthorne!!!" Anja says. My parents smile and leave. Anja gives a smirk, " I'm soo glad you're better, Lydia! Enough for me to do.. THIS!!!" Anja pulls out a knife and stabs it deep into me! I scream, terrified.


I scream back into reality and out of my nightmare. My parents are there. I look anxiously behind them to see if Anja is there. I am blessed, for she is not there.

"Hiya Lyds." My father smiles at me. My mother runs to my side.

"Lydia Grace. You had me so worried! Why didn't you come home?.. We have finally found you..." My mother clutches my hand and kneels down as if she was praying.


My arms have been un-strapped. Hopefully, that is a good sign.

"I'm sorry Mum..." I say. The stupid thing I have done. I have made my parents more worried about me by not letting them know where I was rather than letting them see my disgraceful condition.


The bell goes to indicate visiting time is over. My father strokes my face and goes to hold the door for my mother. My mother kisses my forehead and walks out after my father. Peter waits a few minutes before coming in.


"Hey." He says

"Hey." I reply. Peter walks over.

"Lydia... About what you said earlier... Is Anne Frank the one who did this to you?" He asks.

I laugh for few seconds but my smile gradually fades. I think I can trust Peter, I might as well tell him the truth. I owe it to him after all. I sigh.

"Her name is Anja Havenwisp and she's more like an Ann Boleyn" I tell him. Peter looks concerned and nods his head before replying.

"You go to Averywells High School, don't you?" He asks me. I nod.

"Lucky for you, I'm enrolling there next month. I won't let Frankenstein or any of her monster touch you." I look to see a mischievous grin and that is when I realise he is serious.

"Thank you.. Peter.." I whisper, and that happens to be the first time I have ever said his name.

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