Loving An Abused Virgo

My name is Lydia Hawthorne. My parents named me that. I can never change it. I am not a thorn like my surname suggests. I can be a needle in the side sometimes but that is only when I don't get what I want, and most of the time I don't even know what I want.

Maths whizz Lydia Hawthorne is tired of being abused in school. She sometimes whizzes herself into fantasy reality with her precious Niall Horan. Will she ever find her River Niall? It's 75% possible...


3. Is that really me?

I know exactly how it happened. It's too hard to forget, especially when you have the wounds to prove it.

Anja wanted to punish me for delivering her lunch ten seconds late. I am stripped from my jacket and dragged to a basket ball hoop in the gym. Two of her friends grab me whilst Anja ties my hands together. Simon throws the rope over the hoop and grabs the other end. Before I know it, the rope tightens and I get pulled up. I scream so loudly. The pain pulls on my arms as I dangle in midair. Bella hands Anja a baseball bat. Oh no. I know what is coming next.

"I deserve the first strike!" Anja says excitedly. I can't react.

"No! Please! NO PLEASE!! I'M SORRY! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!" I am so scared. My heart is thumping wildly in my chest. I am already dangling by my arms which really hurts. That it when I feel it. Bam! It's right in my stomach. That wasn't the end of it. I knew that. Bam! Bam! BAM! I feel the excruciating pain run through my veins. They even get Beefy Bert with his big muscles to give me a big whack! 

The hoop comes crashing down with me attached to it. That is how I got it all. The dents from the whacks, the dirt from the wall remains and the scars from the big fall. I'm left all alone. No one to hear me cry.


"I-I" I let one tear drop onto my scarred face.

"Shh.. It's okay. We're going to rid you of those horrible scars and dents." A nurse tells me. She swiftly injects a syringe into my arm and I am numbed, unable to move.


The nurses strip me from my dirty clothing and dab me clean with a sponge. They then put a white hospital patient shirtdress on top of me. That is the only thing covering me. I cry out once more and that is when the other syringe injects me and sends me packing into a deep sleep.


I wakeup to see Niall sitting on a chair next to my bed.

"Lydia. Look at yourself. They're done with the scar removal." He says. Niall's voice suddenly changes."Wakeup! Lydia! Wakeup!""


I open my eyes to see Peter lingering over me.

"Lydia Hawthorne.. You were quite a thorn in my side when I tried to take you here." He jokes. I remember that I am naked except for my white hospital dress which makes me blush.

"Sorry I thought you were taking me to An-" I quickly change the subject. "How do know my AGH!" My arms are tied to prevent me from catching my side.

"Birth records. We've called your parents. I'm Peter Collins by the way." His face turns puzzled. "Ann who?"Peter stares at me for a few seconds.

"What?" I ask.

"You look so much better without all those scars and dents." Peter shows me a hand mirror.

I am looking at a beautiful girl with forest green eyes, a freckled face and auburn hair gently pushed to the side.


It takes me awhile to process this; that girl is me.


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