Loving An Abused Virgo

My name is Lydia Hawthorne. My parents named me that. I can never change it. I am not a thorn like my surname suggests. I can be a needle in the side sometimes but that is only when I don't get what I want, and most of the time I don't even know what I want.

Maths whizz Lydia Hawthorne is tired of being abused in school. She sometimes whizzes herself into fantasy reality with her precious Niall Horan. Will she ever find her River Niall? It's 75% possible...


6. A big hug

I can't even believe my own eyes. Standing right before me is the person who I've been mentally dating in my head my whole life who didn't even know I existed, until now. Peter is still hugging me tight and doesn't seem to intend to let go. Powerless, I stay still in the position I am in now, burying my face in his chest. I can here in heart beat going off faster than it should, thump-thump thump-thump! 

"O-M-G!!!" Anja squeals, "I am such a big fan!" She jumps up and down in joy, forgetting the current situation she's in.

"Well, I am glad to have met one of my fans, however," Mr Horan says,"Did I just see you about to hurt that girl?"

"Um.. No! Of course not! Lydia here is my little sister and we were.. Um... Rehearsing for a play!" Anja thinks up quickly and I stand in shock of her little lie (I'm actually surprised she had enough brain cells to think of one)!


"Actually that wasn't a -" Peter begins but I cut him off.

"Peter.." I whisper.

"Wh-what is it Lydia?" He whispers back, I can feel his arms still shaking.

"We're already in a bad enough situation here so can you please leave that tiny little detail out?"

"Tiny?!" Peter sounds shocked under him breath but I think my reasoning got to him as he doesn't question further.


I turn my head to look at Anja once more.

"As you can see Mr Horan, nothing bad or out of the ordinary in happening here." Anja says. Then Arthur chimes in.

"Except for lying about rehearsing a play when actually we're trying to hurt - OW!" Anja hits him in the stomach and tries her luck at smiling innocently at Niall.

"Hm... Well anyway..." He turns at looks sternly at Peter, " Make sure you take care of your girlfriend there."

"You can count on it." Peter says through gritted teeth, pulling me towards him in an even tighter embrace.

Niall gives a wave and walks away.



This could not be happening! Not only did I just meet THE Niall Horan but he thinks I'm dating Peter! This is messed up on to many levels. Peter is only here to look out for me and make sure thee abuse thing never happens again.

"Um... Peter?" I ask.


"They're gone. You can let go now..." I say awkwardly.

"Oh! Yeah! Right! Sorry...." Peter jumps as he pulls away from me and scratches the back of his head in embarrassment. "You okay Lydia? You sure you're not hurt or anything?"

"I-I'm fine." I stutter. I feel really scared at the fact I just saw Anja again, and she tried to hurt me!

"You sure? You seemed pretty shaken up a second ago."

I can't help it anymore. I got so scared, the nightmare I had finally woken up from sucked me in once again. Before I realise what I am doing, I run into Peter's arms and sob.

He strokes my hair, "Oh Lydia.... You must of been so scared.."

"Yeah... I was." I say through my tears.

"I promise that I'll never leave you alone ever again.."

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