The New Movellas Guide

Yeah, yeah. If you didn't just joined on the 8th of October, I bet you had notice the whole site re-design thing. Here is an brief instruction on some stuff that had been changed.


4. two different pages that are similar but different

Hi there~ Ender here. Again. Today I kinda just discover something weird -- there are kind of two different similar pages: "my homepage" and "my profile". Yes right I just made it more confusing.

So first, let's show you "my home page": you can get there by click The Movellas icon or just click the your own icon at the right corner and click "my homepage". (highlighted in orange)

In "my homepage", you can see that you cannot change the background -- the default minty green and white. You can see briefly everything, only tiny bit of your own info and groups, and more on the feeds and the activities.




To get to "my profile", simply click your name under your own big icon, for mine is EnderCursty.

My profile contains more information of you or, whatever person's profile you are looking at. You can see, there is "published stories" and if it's your own profile, you can see the published and the draft. Your profile also includes your descriptionfollowers and following

You can edit your profile and background by clicking "edit profile" under "my profile".


here is another example of Defy's profile:

And that's the end of this chapter! Hope it doesn't confused you!(´・ω・`) (It probably had) Here's a little achievement for being good and read all of those above:



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