The New Movellas Guide

Yeah, yeah. If you didn't just joined on the 8th of October, I bet you had notice the whole site re-design thing. Here is an brief instruction on some stuff that had been changed.


2. How to create a new Movellas(or Movella?)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You've made it to Chapter 2.

Now the serious. How do you create a new Movellas now???

This isn't hard. (´・ω・`)

Just follow the three simple step!1!!!!11!

First, put your mouse on the STORIES sign. You will see it turn purple. Click it.

Second, you will see a big blob of white names of different stuff there, and you can see a "New Story" right down the line, which I've highlighted white.

When you clicked it you will be transfer into another page so you can create a new movella.


You can also create a new movella by reading the next chapter.


(ignore the spelling, can't be bothered changing them.)

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