The New Movellas Guide

Yeah, yeah. If you didn't just joined on the 8th of October, I bet you had notice the whole site re-design thing. Here is an brief instruction on some stuff that had been changed.


1. Author's word

Hey guys~ Ender here and welcome to the New Movellas Walkthrough/Guide. If you are reading this I assume that you had already learned how to read a Movellas. Great.

So that you started reading, I am going to show you a few techniques to help you to get use to the new site design and hopefully enjoy it.

My "few techniques" might not be the best and fastest ways to get the results because I didn't use the new design for more than a day. If you find any better ways please comment down below and I'll update them.

If you have any question or needs just post a comment down below and we'll try to help you to solve them.*

The whole movella thing can be a bit messy, because me and Defy kind of just put everything we discovered on the new design.

If you simply have no idea how this whole site works because you are new, I'll kindly show you how to turn to the next page.


See the pretty little white small box right down the corner of the chapter there? click the right arrow to go to the next page. Don't mind the comments, I'll talk about it later.

I'll make this short so you can start reading. See me at the next chapter~ (o゜▽゜)o☆


Note: *We don't do math problem or English essays, sorry about that.

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