The UnderDogs

This story follows two girls in there sophomore year of college and deal with being on the soccer team.
Elizabeth, a quiet, foreign student, struggles to come to America and be accepted in the social status of everyone around her. she also struggles with over coming her terrible past. Will she be able to over come all odds?

Izzy, a girl who is just able to play again after her terrible injury that happened freshman year, is ready to start fresh but when she meets Elizabeth everything changes. Will Izzy be able to play for the soccer team? Or will the terrible accident stop her?

* you must read to find out*

This is a story me and my friend are writing together.


4. 4. Izabella's P.O.V

Izabella's P.O.V


I woke up early because we had a 'surprise' quiz in my math class, which wasn't really a surprise since our professor email us about it.

Anyways I'm sitting in the room with no one on either side of me. And the room was beginning to fill in very quickly. And no one was still sitting next to me; I began to lose hope and thought I would be a loner in this class like I'm normally am in most of my classes, when someone sat down next to me I was actually was surprised. It was then I came face to face with the most gorgeous looking boy I've ever seen in my life. He was Asian, but tall, he had spiky hair that formed into a Mohawk, and had chocolate brown eyes that made my heart melt.

"I hope you weren't saving this seat." he said that gave me the most heartfelt smile that I've ever seen.

I guess I was staring for too long and he started to make an uncomfortable face. Oh gosh how embarrassing.

"No your fine." I said trying to sound casually but failed at it.

"Really, now why would a beautiful young woman like you sit alone." he said I couldn't help the blush that was creeping on my face from when he said but I slowly gained my composure back. "It's a new school year and most of my friends graduated last year."

"Oh okay, hey do you..." He started but was soon cut off by the teacher.

"Good morning class please take out you pencils and papers so we can begin this quiz." Professor Grays says.

The guy turns to me and gives me a sad smile but we take out our stuff so can began our quiz.

The professor projects at least 15 equations from the projector that we are suppose to know. It was easy ones or at least I thought so I quickly finished the equations and was getting ready to turn them in when the guy sitting next to me stopped me.

"My name is Paul by the way." He said smiling, I gave him a big smile back and before I could say anything back, the professor silenced us. I stood up and began to walk to the professor to turn in my paper. I quickly do so and leave the classroom, starting to walk back to my dorm.

I pass through the campus taking the long way to my dorm so I can go to my secrete hiding spot on the way back to the dorm. I used to come here all the time after my injury. It has a big oak tree and a little pond by it it's a very peaceful place to be at.

I just sit and admire the scenery for awhile and wait for a few minutes just thinking to myself. Normally I would be here for hours but I have to go and get ready for my new roommate who should be coming in soon, so I better head back to my dorm.

It takes me about fifteen minutes from my special spot to get to my dorm and I'm extremely tired. As I approach my door I begin thinking, I am not expecting the new girl to come until 3 and it is only 12 so I have some time to myself.

I unlock my door and walk in to find a girl sleeping in the open bed. I slowly make my to her because I don't know who she is, I've never seen her before and also because my roommate isn't suppose to be here yet.

I gently try to wake her up so I can get some answers, but she doesn't budge. I shake her harder and she jolts up with fear in her eyes.

"Hi, excuse me can you please tell me what you are doing here." I say

"This is my dorm I'm assuming your my new roommate, hi I'm Elizabeth." she says while she extends her hand. I might just like her she seems pretty cool she didn't get mad or defensive she just said it so simply she might not be that bad of a roommate or teammate.

"I'm Izabella, but you can call me Izzy." I say and smile while shaking her hand.

"It's nice to meet you." she says as she sits back down on the bed.

"I didn't mean to wake you, well I did but that's just because I thought you were some random person sleeping in my room. I didn't expect you to come till 3 because that's when Coach Reed told me you were going to come in. He most of gotten the wrong time again he's normally like that well not when it comes to soccer but other than that he is a very forgetful man." She just stares at me with droopy eyes oh no she must of had a long flight she did fly all the way here from Hungry oh gosh I'm suck a terrible person!

"Oh gosh you must be so tired you can go back to sleep till practice I completely forgot you flew all the way here from hungry you must be exhausted and here I am rambling on and on like I'm doing right now. Please go to sleep before we have practice."

She doesn't hesitate for one more moment till she's knocked back out.

Great we only met two minutes ago and she probably thinks I'm crazy. But she seems like a pretty laid back person she has on some sweat pants like I do but hers are blue and mine are pink. She has on a black t-shirt that has Petofi in bold letters on the back of it. She doesn't seem like the party type but she doesn't seem like the lazy type, she's really pretty though she has long brown hair that touches her lower back she must love soccer as much as I do because she has matching cleats and indoors that are near the door.

I began to yawn and then remember that my classes have been canceled today so I can take a nap before soccer practice today and that's just what I'm going to do.

******3 hours later*******

I wake up and it's nearly 4 o'clock and practice starts at 5 so I better start getting ready I get up and change in to a pair of black shorts a white cut off t-shirt white soccer socks and I grab my neon pink cleats. by the time I'm ready it's 4:30 and I should probably wake up Elizabeth now because we will be late to practice of I don't and we will wind up doing up-downs and believe me those aren't fun.

"Elizabeth it's time to wake up we have practice at 5 and its 4:30." She doesn't budge, so I shake her and shake her till she opens her eyes.

"Come on practice starts soon." She shoots up out of the bed and grabs a handful of clothes and runs into the bathroom.

It's been about 10 minutes when she comes running out with her work out gear on. She grabs her cleats that are by the door and turns and smiles at me.

"I'm ready." She says and with that we are out the door and off to practice.

By the time we get to the field it is 4:58 that gives us two minutes to relax, but we didn't get the chance to because coach called all of us over so we all could meet Elizabeth well so the rest of the team could at least.

"Everyone listen up! This is Elizabeth she will be our new starting right defender..." I get over joyed because she wasn't taking my place in midfield, hopefully she's not bad or anything.

"Okay ladies do our normal warm up so we can begin."

We began the normal warm up and again I have a hard time keeping up with sprints my ankle starts to hurt in the middle of it but I don't care I'm a fighter and I'm not gonna let this injury get to me so I push even harder and I end up finishing first and it feels good to finish first but my ankle was on fire and it hurt to put pressure on it but I wasn't going to show it, I turn around to see that Elizabeth has finished the same exact time as me.

"Good job." I say to her in between breaths

"You too." She says but it comes out a little unsteady I don't bother to question it though maybe she's just out of shape. As the rest of the team finally passes we can begin are drills.

"Okay we are gonna do 1 vs.1 you have 3 chances to either make a goal for the offense player or keep her from scoring the defense player okay! And first up is Elizabeth and Izzy."

Wow coach was setting this girl up for failure. I didn't want to brag but before my bad injury I was the best on the team but when I got hurt we started to lose every game after that so now we are the underdogs in our district, but anyways.

We jog to the center of the field and since she is defending me I get the ball first. Coach blows the whistle signaling for use to began, she gets in her stance and before she has any time to react I take off in a full sprint and do a quick fake to the left and pull it back to the right and I shoot the ball and it soars into the upper 90 I triumphantly jog back to the beginning spot and get ready to go again. Coach blows the whistle.

"1 point for Izzy." Coach Reed says. I look into Elizabeth's eyes and see something I've never seen before on our team determination. Coach blows the whistle again and I sprint down again I'm getting ready to do my trick when a un-none force knocks me off the ball I am dumbfounded at first but realize that Elizabeth has taken the ball from me.

"1 point for Elizabeth, okay ladies last round next point wins." Coach says I jog back to my place and get ready to go again. Now I am fully determined to score another goal. I'm not gonna lose this game now I have pure rage.

Coach blows the whistle and I go in a full sprint down the field I do a nice rainbow over Elizabeth and I'm getting ready to volley it when Elizabeth jumps in front of my shot and it bounces off of her I sprint for the ball as fast I could and I can tell she is right on my heels. It's literally a fight back and forth between us to see who was going to win and neither of us was going to give up either as I was getting ready to do a new trick Coach blew the whistle and we both stopped and both were out of breath.

"Okay you too that's enough we will just call it a tie." He says I sigh and slowly jog off the field. And two more people get on the field. I watch them with interest as they go against each other, but then I hear laughing coming from behind me.

I turn around to see Crystal our forward and her stupid little gang talking to Elizabeth I knew this couldn't be good so I walk over to see what they are talking.

"Why are you even here? You obviously suck, and you talk really weird, where did you come from again? Oh yea hungry. The place obviously has the write name considering how big you are. The children over there must be hungry over there since you take their food." She says in a rude tone.

I see all the hurt and anger in her face. I get really mad and storm over to where they are and stand right next to Elizabeth.

"Excuse me do you mind repeating what you said." I said really rudely and firm.

"I said ..." she begins but I cut her off.

"I heard what you said and you are complete idiot. First off she doesn't suck especially if she can defend me from shooting a goal do I have to remind you that you nearly miss all the shots you take. How many goals did you make last season oh right 2 considering I made 8 before I got hurt. I bet Elizabeth stops your shots like a PreK kid could. And second she came from Hungary with an 'A' you freaking idiot, no wonder you barley passed your history class. And she isn't even that big it's all muscle that's built unlike that is nothing but sticks and bones at least she can get pushed and not get knocked off the ball unlike you. So I would check yourself before you start making fun of people. And by the way I think her accent is pretty cool unlike your annoying howler monkeys." I say with a stern tone I see the rage and embarrassment in Crystals face but before anything else happens coach blows the whistle and tells us that practice is over.

"Come on Elizabeth let's go." I say a little annoyed by each passing second that we stand there in front of Crystal.

We walk in silence for awhile till Elizabeth decides to say something.

"Thank you for sticking up for me I really appreciate it." She says and gives me a genuine smile.

I smile back "Your welcome I know it must be hard for you though I know it was hard for me to leave my family in another state, I can't imagine how you're feeling when you left your family in another country." I tell her.

She smiles but looks straight ahead. "I'm sorry you had to leave your family. I know it's hard at least somebody understands. I just don't handle change really well." She pauses for a minute and then stops in tracks and looks at me. "Why was she so rude to me if she doesn't even know me?"

"She's just scared of more competition; she thinks it will take away from her spot light time. But don't worry she won't bother you anymore because I'm your friend and she is scared of me because I'm the Captain of the team I'm gonna talk to Coach to make you a Captain to, because you're really good I haven't seen anyone defined like you did in years."

We start to walk again and she's smiles to herself. I wonder what she could be possibly thinking but I on the hand can tell that this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

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