The UnderDogs

This story follows two girls in there sophomore year of college and deal with being on the soccer team.
Elizabeth, a quiet, foreign student, struggles to come to America and be accepted in the social status of everyone around her. she also struggles with over coming her terrible past. Will she be able to over come all odds?

Izzy, a girl who is just able to play again after her terrible injury that happened freshman year, is ready to start fresh but when she meets Elizabeth everything changes. Will Izzy be able to play for the soccer team? Or will the terrible accident stop her?

* you must read to find out*

This is a story me and my friend are writing together.


2. 2. Izabella's P.O.V

Izabella's P.O.V

My name is Izabella María Rena Costa but people call me Izzy for short.

It's the first day of my sophomore year of college and that means it's the first day of soccer practice.

I really should be excited for practice but I'm not, I had a terrible accident last season that nearly ended my playing career.


We were in the middle of one of our biggest games of the school year almost everyone was there watching us play. We were playing out rival school NorthRidge Pirates.

We were tied 0-0 and it was now in the 2nd half of the game, most of the fighting for the ball was in midfield. So, that means I was doing a lot of running trying to secure the ball and get it up to our opponents goal. I was defending one of their best players trying to get the ball from her as we were sprinting side by side fighting for possession I saw her wined up to shoot, so as a last minute decision I jumped in front of her shot taking the full blow of the shot.

I deflected the ball with my back and as I was coming down I landed wrong and all my weight was put on my left ankle. I heard a loud pop than felt a searing pain in my ankle it was a burning feeling threw out my whole entire leg, like someone lit my leg on fire. I immediately dropped to the ground and screamed for my coach.

I remember watching my coach threw my tears, run to me on the field and examining me quickly asking if I can walk or not I told him I didn't know and he helped me up so I could stand and try to put weight on it, I remember barley putting pressure on it and I immediately started to cry with no hesitation he lifted me up into his arms and carried me off the field to our head trainer.

She looked at me for quite awhile, examining my ankle and moving it and pushing on it to see where it hurt, she finally told me I had a hyper sprained ankle and that I would be on crutches for the next 3 weeks than in physical therapy for the rest of the season.

*******End of Flash Back*******

I was heartbroken after that I had to sit out my whole season and have to watch my team practice every day without me and on top of all of that we lost that game 0-1 I felt like it was all my fault so now when I go to practice today I'm going to go all out and showing no mercy.

***** Later at Practice******

We were doing our normal routine for warm up which means running around the field twice, sprints with the ball and trapping the ball. I had a really hard time keeping up with them when we were doing the sprints mainly because I was out of shape, but I kept up with the rest of the stuff. During practice we worked on crossing the ball and shooting it in with one touch I struggled at first but I soon got back into the flow of things and started to finish.

But during the middle of practice coach called us over to talk to us.

"Welcome back ladies, Izzy welcome back good to see you are able to play again."

"Thanks Coach it's good to be back." I said with a big smile growing on my face.

"Okay first things first, we have a new player joining us, and she's coming all the way from Hungary. And she will be rooming in with you Izzy since jasmine graduated last year and you have an extra bed."

My world came crashing down in a matter of minutes I didn't want a new roommate let alone a foreign one. What was coach doing to me I wasn't prepared for this.

"Izabella do you understand?"

"I'm sorry sir I didn't quite hear the rest." I said because quite frankly I didn't care what he said so I forgot he was even talking to me.

"I said you will be with her 24/7 she will be put in all your classes so she can at least have a familiar face and it will be easy for her to get around." He said with his voice growing more and more serious.

"Yes sir." I simply say because I wasn't sure what else I was supposed to say.

"Good, okay ladies that's practice head off to your dorms and get a goodnights sleep. We have a hard practice tomorrow so the newbie knows how we really practice and train."

We all jog off the field, most of the girls went into the locker room but I went straight to my dorm.

I took a quick shower and lay down on my side of the room.

I'm actually really mad at Coach he just assumed I would be okay with having a roommate when truth be told I don't want a new roommate. But I am having mixed feelings at the same time because I also like meeting new people and this would be a really good time to meet a new friend. I just hope she isn't as bad as Jasmine was.

Jasmine was my old roommate but loved to party a lot and stay up all night, where I barely got any sleep. I just don't like the drama and hassle a roommate could be. But my other fear is what if she doesn't like me? Or what if I can't be myself around her? And I have to act differently What if she is a total snob? What if she wants to be #7? That's my jersey! She can't have my jersey number.

I guess have to accept the fact that she is coming and there is no stopping it. I will just cherish the time I have to get a good night sleep.

I turn on my side and grab my duck that my papí gave to me when I was little and began to close my eyes.

I can't believe that this will be the last night I will be in this room alone. I just hope me and this new girl can get along.

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