Try Me On...❤️

Amber Lee is your typical average do good, good girl. But when she falls for the high school heart throb, bad boy, well, things might get a little crazy...


1. 7 Minuets in definite heaven

Just do it! They scream at me all at once. The bottle feeling cold under my hand. I have it a light turn on the floor, everyone's eyes were glued to it. I looked around the room regretting being here. The bottle came to a slow stop, I looked down nervous to see who it landed on, my eyes looked down and quickly followed were it pointed.

Oh lord. I looked at his face, quickly feeling my face become 10 times hotter then normal. His piercing blue eyes staring back into my plain brow eyes. Causing breathing problems for me.

Everyone "ooooood" and "awwwwww"'d right away. Niall looked down at the ground and smiled. He was so cute but defiantly out of my league. I've liked him since kindergarden.

He stood up off the floor and dusted himself off, holding out his hand for me.

I put out mine and we both walked into the dark closet, someone shutting an locking the door behind us...

"Errrr... Hi" I whisper nervous as all can be. You can just feel him smiling.

"Hi Amber." He whispered back, this time his face was closer to mine. I was taken aback at the thought he knew my name.

"Soooo.. I said trying to find something to say.

Quickly he smashed his lips on mine and I felt the warmth of his lips rush onto mine. I was so shocked I just stood there for a moment. Quickly realizing what's happening I kissed him back.

His hands were on my hip, mine on his chest.

"Shhhhhhh" we heard people screaming outside.

I just laughed breaking away from his kiss. Next thing I knew the door was swung open and in popped 8 other heads. My friend Carter yanking my arm and staring my dead in the eyes, "Amber Lee! You just kissed Niall!"


Whaaaaaaat?! She kissed Niall?!

Sorry if this isn't too good guys xD this is my first story. Comment if you have any tips!


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