Two Sides

There are 3 places of standards in high school: Populars, Regulars, and Nerds- that's where Harold Styles is. But when he tells me a secret that nobody knows, its hard to not tell. But who would want to be with a Popular/Regular? Most people say we shouldnt mix our groups, but I am totally against that now that I know about Harold's other side- his two sides.


3. Two Sides

-Harold/ Harry-

I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. My phone started ringing and it was Ava. "Hey Harold, do you want to go have some tea and talk about other things besides subjects?" She asked and I had a grin. "Sure. 7th street, see you there." I said and we hung up. Ava wants to go have tea and talk about other things that dont involve subjects, this should be interesting. I dont know if I should wear my sweater vest and glasses or my beanie and sweat jacket.


I hopped on my bike and rode all the way to the tea-coffee shop that was only about half a mile from my home. Then I saw another bike on the rack that was teal with a "A" on the sides. It must be Ava's. She must live close by or must dress really fast. I opened the door and walked in and saw her sitting there reading a book. "You're reading a book? Miss pep squad girl who fits in with anyone is reading a book." I said pulling out a chair and taking a seat while she looked up at me.


"Yes....problem?" Ava asked and I laughed. "Not at all. It's okay to have two sides, as long as they are good?" I said and she smiled. "What? Do you have two sides or something?" She asked. "I have a side, but I painted it with another side so I could be more safe." I said and Ava gave me a strange look. "Is there something you have been meaning to tell me?" She asked.


"Well, my real name is Harold but my other side is Harry. I am in a famous boyband named One Direction. I am not a nerd, I am just naturally smart. I wear beanies and I wear my hair in ponytails and I dont do anything to my curls. That's my other side." I said finally getting that off my chest. "Hold up. You're telling me you are Harry Styles from the band One Direction!!!!????" Her eyes got so big. "Doesnt Harry always have a big cheeky smile like this?" I said while smiling and she laughed.

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