Two Sides

There are 3 places of standards in high school: Populars, Regulars, and Nerds- that's where Harold Styles is. But when he tells me a secret that nobody knows, its hard to not tell. But who would want to be with a Popular/Regular? Most people say we shouldnt mix our groups, but I am totally against that now that I know about Harold's other side- his two sides.


2. Long Story

I got home a little later than what I had planned to. I opened the door and my chocolate lab, Nicola, came running towards me. "Hey girly." I said patting her head and kissing it. "Ava, is that you?" I heard my father called from the kitchen. "It's me." I said and my mum looked a little concerned. "Where have you been, sweetheart?" She asked me and I smiled. "Tutoring." I said as I grabbed my plate full of food. "Tutoring? You mean you skipped pep squad today?" My father asked. "Yes." I finally said as I sat down at the table to eat.


Then my little sister, Caroline, came walking into the kitchen. "Hey sis." She said and I nodded a hello to her. Caroline is 11 years old while I am 16 and a half. I want to try out for football, mummy." Caroline said to mum. "But sweetie, you are already doing dance." Father said. "Well, I want to try to do both." My little sister said. "Alright, me and your daddy can try to see what we figure out." Mum said and Caroline skipped to her room very happily.


"So tell me about tutoring. First of all, who is helping you?" Mum said. I literally almost started choking on my food. I wiped my mouth off to buy me some time. "Harold." I mumbled. "What did you say?" Father asked. "I think she said Harold." Mum said with a grin. "It's not like that! He saw I was not doing well in some of my subjects, so he decided to help me!!" I said while whinning. I dont have a big crush on Harold or anything, that would be weird.


"What else happened?" Mum asked and I gave her a cold stare. "I dont want to talk about this anymore." I said while getting up to set my plate in the sink. "Ava, you mum asked you a question." Father said in a stern voice. "I swear nothing happned!" They're starting to make me frustrated. "Now, I am going upstairs to relax. I have pep squad tomorrow." I told them. Downstairs was quiet for a few minutes until I heard the wooden chairs slid across the floor from the kitchen. Its kind of a long story....but I dont feel like telling my parents the whole thing.

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