Two Sides

There are 3 places of standards in high school: Populars, Regulars, and Nerds- that's where Harold Styles is. But when he tells me a secret that nobody knows, its hard to not tell. But who would want to be with a Popular/Regular? Most people say we shouldnt mix our groups, but I am totally against that now that I know about Harold's other side- his two sides.


8. Goodbye Harold & Fixing Things


I have been thinking about for a while now, and I have choosen to give up Harold. I dont need the rest of my education, I'm already the smartest in the grade. I sat on my bed all morning, waiting for Ava to text or call. Nothing. She must hate my guts and probably never wants to see me again. Why should I wait any longer? I'm going over to her house right now to talk to her, I know for sure she wouldnt be going to school today.


"Harry? Where are you going?" My mum asked me and I turned around, taking my hand off the knob. "I've done some stupid things in the Harold life, so I need to fix all the things I did in that world before I leave it." I said and she nodded. "It's about Ava, isnt it?" Mum asked and I nodded and she sat on the couch. "Come here sweetheart." She said, patting the seat next to her.


"What happened, Harry?" Mum asked and I felt guilty when just thinking about it. "I thought she told my secret about the Harold world, but she didnt say anything. I got mad at her before I realized what everyone was talking about. I ruined her life, basically, and she isnt talking to me or anything now. I want to fix things, mum." I said and Mum wrapped her arms around me.


"We all make mistakes at some point in life. Some we can fix, some are broken forever. This situation, I think this is something you can fix, Harry." She said and I looked into her eyes and smiled. "You're right. That's why I am going over to her home." I said and she just looked at me. "Isn't she in school?" Mum asked. "After what I did yesterday, probably not." I said and I walked out the door and got in the car. I sped to her house.

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