Two Sides

There are 3 places of standards in high school: Populars, Regulars, and Nerds- that's where Harold Styles is. But when he tells me a secret that nobody knows, its hard to not tell. But who would want to be with a Popular/Regular? Most people say we shouldnt mix our groups, but I am totally against that now that I know about Harold's other side- his two sides.


11. Forgetting


Caroline came downstairs and watched television with me. "Haha, I love Doctor Who." She said laughing a little. "Yeah." I said sighing as I kept looking at my phone. I have no tutor, and I havent been going to pep squad lately. "Ava! Come here!" Mum yelled from the other side of the house. "What has happened here?" She said pointing to my side of the room. "It wouldnt always be this messy if I had room to put my stuff somewhere." I said and she rolled her eyes. "We've talked about this! You and Caroline have to share a room because when you grandmother comes to visit every other weekend, she needs somewhere to sleep." Mum said.


I walked and sat on my bed. "Everything has been falling apart lately. Have you noticed?" I told her. "What do you mean?" Mum asked as she crossed her arms. "Harol-Harr- Styles." I said trying to figure out what to call him. "Styles? As in fashion?" She asked and I groaned. "No. It's complicated. Just never mind, you wouldnt understand." I said looking at the floor. "I wouldnt understand?" She asked. "None of you have paid attention much. Just give me some time to cool down please." I said and she left.


I am forgetting him now but still not forgiving. I'm moving on with my life because in 2 weeks I will be 17 and I got to start looking at college. But when I do all of this, I wont think about Styles. I wont leave room for him in my life, I'll shut him out. Forever. I looked at the picture on my wall, it was me and Harry at the concert that one night. I took it off the wall and looked at it. "I thought I knew you." I said and I shoved the picture the drawer of my table.


I shook off the pain, for which I knew hurt. I dont like hurting people, but they always end up hurting me for some reason. Caroline came in the bedroom and she saw tears down my face. "Mum told me." She said walking over to me and trying to hug me but I pulled away and stood up. "No, you dont understand. You dont try to. I've tried really hard to get you guys to notice but you all think it's some boy I'm flirting with for fun. I was getting help from him. Now, things arent exactly what I thought they were." I ran out of the room and out of the house and into the woods so I could escape the world and cry.

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