Two Sides

There are 3 places of standards in high school: Populars, Regulars, and Nerds- that's where Harold Styles is. But when he tells me a secret that nobody knows, its hard to not tell. But who would want to be with a Popular/Regular? Most people say we shouldnt mix our groups, but I am totally against that now that I know about Harold's other side- his two sides.


14. First Date


I kissed her cheek and she blushed really hard. "Okay. But seriously Harry, where are we going?" Ava asked about 2 minutes later. I didnt answer because we pulled up to a really nice resteraunt. I got out and took her hand and opened the door for her and was so confused. Nobody was at the resteraunt because I reserved the place for just us. "Harry....what are we doing here?" She asked and I pushed her chair in towards the table. "This place has always been my favorite place to eat in Manchester. I wanted to bring you here on our first day before...." I didnt finish my sentence.


Ava leaned across the table and grabbed my hands. "This is all for me?" Ava asked and I nodded. "First date. But I'll be going on tour soon so I better spend time with you now." I said and she shook her head. "No, you need to be with your family!" She said and I had gotten a idea. "You should meet my family and I should meet yours!" I said and she slowly nodded. "What's wrong?" I asked her and she looked at our hands. "It's just my family is a little....." Ava could find the correct words.


"Listen it's fine, I promise. You got my mum, step dad, and my older sister Gemma." I said and she smiled. "I have my mum, dad, and my little sister Caroline." Ava said and I nodded. "That's really funny how we both have sisters. They would probably get along well." I said she laughed. A waiter came up to us and layed down menus. "Here are your dinner choices tonight." He said and my hand pulled away from hers.


"Thank you." We both said and the same time. "What are you getting?" I asked her after making my choice. "I'll have the Cheshire Cesar salad, please." Ava told the waiter and he left to go put in the orders. "Do you want to go meet them after dinner?" I asked and she looked up. "Sure! The sooner the better- right?" Ava asked and I nodded. "The sooner the better." I confirmed.

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