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He laid near the edge staring at the star filled sky. He thought of the last time he talked to her. He wished he met her sooner in life rather than later. To him she was his life, but, with her gone his life started changing.

He realized how much she helped him even though he wasn't broken like her. They helped each other and ignored the world. After she was gone he started smoking, drinking, and cutting. He would always come home either high, drunk, or bleeding. His parents would try to help him but by then he was long gone.

He began to get up and took out a cigarette, put it in between his lips. He lit it and took a long drag and held in his breath. Out of all the stars, only one stood out. He smiled to himself. He dropped the half finished cigarette and on it. He looked up towards the star and whispered:

"I'm coming my love."

Then jumped.

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