Just Tonight


2. Chapter One

I remember the very first time he spoke to me. Explaining it in detail is what's hard for me. I was five years old, first day of school. He was seven. He walked up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Peter. Just like Peter Pan." And hugged me. Me, being five felt very disturbed. I was a girl, and he was a boy? And he touched me? I thought it was weird but then again didn't care because, I knew from that very moment he was my love.

Tell Peter that now, we loved each other since Grade School, all through Middle and now through High School. Of course High School is a lot more difficult. You discover who you are, not who you wanted to be all these years. Now, me? I've never been the type to be confused on who I was, but I was confused about my emotions. I never knew how to feel right, I only felt right with Peter, and as he did with me. When I was thirteen and Peter was fifteen, we both got mentally tested and they found a chemical imbalance... Go figure, in both of our brains. Yes, as you may guessed it we were diagnosed with depression. I've came close to suicide but I was too scared that I'd fail. Peter, on the other hand is coming close to an encounter and I don't want him too. We both made a promise to each other not to kill ourselves because of our love.

Do you understand how hard it is to be in love with someone with depression when you also have depression? It sucks, it's almost like you can't enjoy precious moments together because you both want to die so bad from the fear of living, how much you hate yourself and the amount of pressure the world sits on your shoulders.

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