Forever Eternally Yours

15 year old Paige isn't your average girl,at school she is bullied to the brink of suicide.But when a mysterious boy named Colin stops her before she can end her terrible life Paige finds out a secret which could change her life forever.


1. Prologue

What if life didn't exist at all?What if life and death were just illusions, a trick played on the mind?      Even it is an illusion I know the pain I feel everday isn't.I look at the mirror and see the dark empty shell which is myself.I ask myself this question frequently "Why me,out of all the people,why ami I the one to fall victim of the demon known as society. Why can't people see through pain and understand,don't they know my silence is just another way of showing pain. I would have committed suicide but I don't want to die like a coward but even if I did kill myself I wouldn't be the coward it would be the person who treats someone so badly they want to end their life.

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