Forever Eternally Yours

15 year old Paige isn't your average girl,at school she is bullied to the brink of suicide.But when a mysterious boy named Colin stops her before she can end her terrible life Paige finds out a secret which could change her life forever.


3. Nightmares

      "They tell you to be yourself then they judge you."

The nightmare began like this, I'm in a place that looks like school the weird thing is the campus is covered in dead bodies.I continued walking,stepping over bodies then I came up onto this one with it's head covered in a bag,I stooped down and took the bag off , when I did the face that looked back at me was my own. I woke up breathing heavily,it was 6:45,I got ready for school and left before Gabe waked up.The morning was chilly,I saw the dull gray clouds covering the city as if to try to put a veil of obscurity over all of its inhabitants . When I arrived I was greeted by boisterous students all crowding to see something on the wall "Look there she is!" some kid shouted while pointing at me.All eyes were on me,then everyone started laughing.I pushed through the crowd to see what was on the wall. It was a picture of me with some words on it which read "Paige is a suicidal whore,let's help her kill herself."I tore down the poster and stuffed it in my pocket. There were some snickers and some remarks like "Why dosen't she just die?" someone said.There were more laughs,I ran away from the scene before I could start crying in front of anyone.I ran to my sanctuary,the top of the school ,the  place where there is no pain. "I hate myself more and more everyday.I can't stand looking in the mirror.I can't stand living anymore.Suicide is the only way to escape all this hate and suffering.I climbed up to the edge of the building and looked at the ground from 30 feet above."Why live and suffer when I can die and not feel a thing?" I asked myself."Because you've got to be strong." a voice came from behind me.I turned around, he had coffee brown hair that fell over his pale white face and covered his intense blue eyes.His nose and chin were perfect and he had a little stubble. He was smiling at me and I saw his pearly white teeth that hid behind his so kissable lips."Umm,who are you?" I asked when I was finished admiring his beauty.He came closer and said "First you have to come down from there." He came up to me and lifted me with rock hard,muscular arms that ran up the sleeves of his red and black Plaid shirt.He put me down in front of me and said "I'm Colin." he said in a smooth  voice "This is my first day here."  "I'm Paige.Paige Cambell." I introduced myself  "Nice to meet you Paige.Can I ask why were you going to jump from a 30 foot building?"He asked me in a curious voice I turned and said "I dont want to talk about it." I ran down the stairs to head to class but he caught up with me "You can't let them get to you.Youve got to fight." he said "What do you know?If it weren't for you I would've been in a better place than here now!" I shouted with tears building up in my eyes but I turned away so he couldn't see them."If I didn't save you,you'd be dead!" he said in a loud voice."Exactly!" I shouted before running to my class. When I entered the class there were some snickers but I just ignored them and sat in my seat on which the words bitch,die and suicidal whore were written.During Math I couldn't help but think about Colin."He's definetly older than me.Why does he care if I die or not,I barely even know him." I thought to myself.When school ended it as raining,I walked home in the pouring rain.When I reached my doorway I was soaking wet.I opened the door,Gabe wasn't home and I was kinda  happy for that.I heated up some left over lasagna,ate and did my Biology homework before going to bed at 7.

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