Forever Eternally Yours

15 year old Paige isn't your average girl,at school she is bullied to the brink of suicide.But when a mysterious boy named Colin stops her before she can end her terrible life Paige finds out a secret which could change her life forever.


2. Falling


** "It's so hard to answer the question what's wrong when nothing is right."**

I would rather not talk about my life since it all turned upside down 6 years ago when my mother died in a plane crash.She was on her way to Germany when something went wrong with the engines.The way she died gives me another reason to hate life even more,something cold and and mechanical can kill someone living and breathing. I live with my dad Gabe now, a 40 something year old, dark haired man.I wouldn't say he is a bad father but sometimes I blame him for my Mom's death even though it's completely irrational.I untangle myself from the nets of yet another frightening nightmare the one where I'm running from what looks to be a shadowy man.I wake up in a sweat,the digital clock displayed 6:30.I got out of bed and looked out the window,it was raining lightly and single drops had splaterred onto my window making me nostalgic, remebering my old house which I loved because it had so many memories but for some unknown reason we had to leave.I walked to the bathroom, took a cold shower,brushed my not so perfect teeth,put my black,stringy hair in a simple ponytail like I usually do and got dressed in my black pleated skirt and a black and white blouse ,which I hated so I put on my black hoodie to hide it and my face.I walked down the stairs, Gabe wasn't awake yet,I ate some dry toast and slipped through the door.The rain was still drizzling,I sticked my hands into my pockets and started walking to schol which was like 15 minutes away.I arrived at school at 7:18,42 minutes early.I looked up at gigantic black gates with our school crest on it which was a blue and white shield with a moon,a trophy and a black horse.The campus was rich with greenery, adorned with towering oaks which showed its long standing history. The school chapel stood proud, gazing over the oval that lay before it.The rain had eased up and the sun was coming out,it's golden light shone upon the wet grass giving a beautiful appearance.I entered the noisy hallway filled with annoying nerds,snooby bitches and asshole jocks and then there are the teachers who pretend everything is right when they know everything's not.Walking through the hallways was just as horrifying as any of my nightamares.The resentful stares and harsh remarks. Just as I thought I opened my locker ,it was slammed shut by Victoria and her friends, Michaelia and Rachel ,they looked at me and let out a high pitched laugh. Victoria whipped her perfect blond hair and let out a scoff of disgust obviously offended I wasn't wearing the latest fashion trends "Look who decided not to kill herself over the weekend,it's Paige."she said in her irritating,heartless voice."Shut up!" I screamed."Sorry I don't take orders from animals." she replied in a singsong voice before giving me a piercing slap to the face,I fell to the ground.The trio laughed at me from above "Out of over 100,000 sperm you were the fastest?" Rachel remarked before they walked away,I picked my self up,I knew Victoria's hand left an imprint,I could feel the burning spot on my face.Everyone was staring intently but no one said anything, I left the scene quickly.The hallway seemed to go on forever, the shiny green tiles loomed in front of me.  Nausea bubbled up in me as wafts of perfume, sweat and stale food assailed me. I finally made it to the classroom safe but my thoughts  bounced through my head. Granger came in and began the already horrible day with a 2 hour Physics lecture.The day went on terribly,more insults from Victoria and her crew and more rejection from society.I walked home like I usually do.When I arrived I was greeted at the door by Gabe. "Hi honey,how was school?" he asked in his voice which was actually pretty annnoying.I pushed pass him and headed upstairs to my room.From behind me I could hear him say "Is something wrong?" he asked from downstairs."No!" I shouted uproarously before slamming my door shut.I took a shower and put on a holey sweatshirt and a Denim shorts and went to bed to begin another night of horrendous nightmares.

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