We Are Titanium

Ever have a love so strong that it can withstand anything? Well, Beca and Jesse do....or so they thought.

After a passionate night with Jesse, Beca finds herself pregnant. After telling Jesse, she fears that he will leave her only for him to shock her with a proposal. They move in together and prepare to live their life as Mr. and Mrs Swanson when it all goes awry.

After a false accusation, it's up to Jesse, Chloe's wedding, and countless romantic gestures to get the love of his life back and be a father to that beautiful miracle growing inside of her.

Can he do it?


2. Where It All Goes Awry

~~****Where It All Goes Awry****

(NOTICE: This will time jump through the pregnancy. I don't think anyone wants to read about the full nine months. I know I don't.)

It's been five months and I'm exhausted. My bump has gotten big, my back aches, I have to pee so often, and I'm eating the weirdest food.

Jesse has been great. He's got a great job, he rented us a penthouse, he takes great care of us, he's not disgusted by me, he doesn't take offense to my mood swings, and he's just great.

Today, we find out the sex of the baby. Jesse's at work and I''m getting into the tub. Usually, I'd shower but I've gotten so big that I can't touch my toes so bubble bath it is. I turn on some music and climb into the steaming, bubbly water.


"Beca, I'm home!" Jesse yelled as he entered the penthouse an hour later.

"I'm in the bathroom!" I heard his keys drop onto the counter and his feet shuffle closer to the bathroom.

"Hey beautiful." he said when he emerged into the room, that heartwhelmimg smile planted on his face. "Hi." I gave him a smile of my own.

He walked across the room and knelt beside the tub. He pushed the wet hair that stuck to my face behind my ear before placing a light kiss ony lips. "Can I join you?" he asked, glancing at my body still emerged in the water.

"As great as that sounds, I was just about to get out." I said before leaning closer. "Ok." he whispered againsty lips before I locked them to his.

"Wow." he complimented the kiss when we pulled away. "I really missed you." I explained as I watched his hand travel to my stomach. He gently rubbed it, sending goosebumps through my body.

"Can't wait to see what we're having." he said then leaned his head toward my stomach. "Either way, I'll love you all the same." he pressed his lips against my stomach before standing to leave.

"Uh, Jesse." he twirled around to look at me. "Can I get a little help?" He mumbled a quick Oh right then walked back over to me. He pulled his jacket off before leaning over and encasing my body in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he carefully pulled me to my feet.

He wrapped a towel around my bare, wet body then kissed my forhead. "I'm gonna make dinner, you just relax." he held me steady as I stepped out of the tub.

"Thank you." I said, feeling pretty winded. "You're welcome. Yell if you need anything else." I told you he's great.

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek then waited for him to exit the bathroom. I slowly began to get dressed. Leaning against the counter for support as I pulled my sweatpants on, I felt a sudden poke in my stomach. The baby's kicking more and more as the months go by. It doesn't hurt but it feels....weird.

I pull the rest of my clothes on very turtle like (slowly) then step out into the living room. The aroma of tacos, my favorite food, immediately hits me making me nauseous. "God, those stink." I said as I walked into kitchen.

"Don't worry, its not for you. This is." he hands a plate containing my current craving. "Cold spaghetti and mayonnaise sandwich just the way you like it." I grab and take a big bite out of it.

Jesse watches me with a disgusted look, he thinks this combination is gross. "Gosh, pregnancy is so weird. You can't stand your favorite food but you can't get enough of this crap." I set the plate on the counter and wipe my mouth.

"I can't get enough of you, does that make it weird?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Yes it does. But I'm not complaining." he rested his hands on my hips.

"I love you."

"I love you more." he said before latching his lips to mine. I was about to deepen the kiss when the baby suddenly kicked, causing Jesse to pull away. "I guess the baby doesn't agree." he said with a small smile.

I looked down and patted my stomach as I said, "Smart baby." Jesse chuckled. "Finish eating so we can head out." he said after kissing my forehead.


"Hi, we have an appointment for an ultrasound." Jesse told the lady at the front desk of the hospital."Last name?" she asked. "Swanson." She typed something into the computer.

"Sit in the waiting room and the doctor will be with you shortly." Jesse helped me into one of the chairs then sat beside me.

"You should wear my clothes more often. You look sexy in that shirt."

"Sorry, my clothes are all tight and uncomfortable but yours are lose." I explained.

"It's perfectly fine. What's mine is yours, remember?"

"We're not married yet."

"Close enough and besides, you really do look sexy." he softly closed his lips over mine just a nurse came in.

"Swanson." Jesse raised his hand as he stood and helped me up. "You guys here to find out the sex?" the nurse asked with a big smile as we approached her. I nodded and she led us down the hallway.

"Ok mom, sit here and pull your shirt above your stomach. Dad, you can sit beside her." the nurse instructed as we entered the room. She and Jesse helped me into the chair.

I pulled my shirt over my stomach and held Jesse's hand as the nurse grabbed a jar of gel. "This will be cold." she said before squirting it on my stomach. The transducer followed the gel, moving along my stomach.

The three of us kept our eyes locked on the screen producing the picture of my stomach. The nurse pointed at a little spot, "There's the head." she moved the transducer down a little more then pointed at the screen again.

"There's the genitalia. You're having a boy."

"Mini Jesse." I said then looked at my fiance. "He's gonna be perfect, just like his daddy."

"Thanks, but you're the perfect one." he said then kissed me. "You two will be great parents." the nurse said as she began cleaning the gel off of my stomach.

"Can we get a picture?" I asked as I pulled my shirt over my stomach. She nodded then began messing with the equipment. "Here you go." she said then handed me the picture.

After thanking her, Jesse lifted me out of the chair and helped me to the car.


After arriving home, I stretch out on the bed while Jesse gets into the shower. We're having a boy. A little Jesse. If he's like his dad, I'm going to have another cuddler on my hands. Speaking of cuddling, I could really use some.

"Jesse!" I yelled when I heard the water stop. Within seconds, Jesse appeared in the bedroom doorway with a towel wrapped around his waist and water droplets still rolling down his body. "Yeah?" he asked, coming over and sitting on the edge of the bed beside me.

"I forgot what I was going to say. Your body distracted me." I said honestly. He chuckled as he stood and began getting dressed. "Just let me know when you remember."

I didn't even try to remember what I had called him in here for. How can I? He is so good looking. I watch him as he drops the towel, revealing everything. My eyes follow him as he moves to pull his boxers on, followed by his sweatpants. He threw his dirty clothes into the hamper and crawled into the bed next to me. "You remember yet?" he asked, dragging me from my thoughts.

It suddenly came back to me, "I want you to hold me." I answered. He gave me a weird look, "You want to cuddle?" he asked. "We don't have to, I mean we can just go to bed." I said, rolling over to turn the lamp off. He grabbed me and carefully rolled me over then kissed me lightly. "I wasn't complaining." he said against my lips before placing another light kiss on them.

He pulled from my lips then leaned down to kiss my stomach. He rubbed circles on it as he talked to our unborn child.

"Hey buddy, its daddy. I love you. I know you'll love me but its undeniable that you'll love mommy more. She's very loveable. But, no matter what, I'll love you and your mommy more than anything. I will never leave you guys. You two are my pride and joy and I'll do anything to keep you happy and healthy." he lifted my shirt just enough to press his warm lips against my skin.

I ran my hand through his hair as he pulled himself back up to be face to face with me. "You're such a suck up."

"What am I sucking up for?" he asked, placing small kisses along my jawline. "I just love you." he kissed me a couple of times on the lips.

"You want sex." I said almost questioningly.

"I didn't say that." he kissed me again. "You don't have to." I told him.

I let him pull my shirt off then felt his hot breath hit my chest as he trailed his lips down it. "You're not gonna have a sudden mood swing and stop me again, are you?"

I thought about the last time we were about to do this. We were about halfway through when I had a sudden change in mood. I pushed him off and locked myself in the bathroom trying to get rid of the sudden anger that hit me. "No, I'm not. But the real question is, can you work with this?" I asked pointing at my stomach.

"We'll manage." he said with a smirk before burrying his face in my neck.

****8 1/2 Months Preggo****

Eight and a half months pregnant and I've only gotten bigger. Yay (note the sarcasm). The bigger I get, the more uncomfortable I get. The extra weight is putting strain on my back and feet, my stomach presses against my blatter and I have to pee even more than I did at five months, and it's impossible to find anything comfortable to wear or to get any sleep. I swear, if I didn't have Jesse I would be insane! I f*cking hate this but yet I love it.

Donald called and asked Jesse to join them for guys night tonight so Jesse called Chloe to help me while he's gone. He is in the bathroom getting ready when I hear a knock on the door. I slowly pull myself off the couch, frustrated with how difficult such a simple task as standing has become. The visitor knocks again, harder. "I'm coming!" I yelled. The person knocked again. "Hold your f*cking horses, I'm a little pregnant here!" Da*mit Jesse, why did you leave me to get the door?

Finally, I reach the door and pull it open to see my impatient visitor. Scratch that, impatient visitors. "Beca!" the girls yell in unision as they wrap me in a group hug. "Hi. What the h*ll are all of you doing here?"

"Well, it's nice to see you, too." Stacie responded, seeming a little offended by my words. "Ignore that ladies, it's just the pregnancy hormones talking." Jesse said as he exited the bathroom, shirt in his hand instead of on his body.

I noticed all of the girls, minus Cynthia, staring as Jesse passed us and walked into the kitchen. "Hey! Mind those eyes or you won't have them for much longer." I warned them. They giggled a little as Jesse appeared in front of us, shirt on.

"Calm down, Bec. I only have eyes for you." the girls awed as he gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Shut up." I said, feeling a little flustered. He looped his hand in mine and I walked him to the door.

"You sure you'll be ok?" he asked. "I'll be fine, stop worrying so much." I could feel the girls eyes on us. I knew what they wanted to see but I wasn't going to give it to them, yet. "I'm sorry. I just don't want you to go into labor while I'm gone." I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips onto mine, giving the girls what they wanted.

He gently closed his lips over mine and tangled our tongues together. "Now go." I said, opening the door for him. "Ok. Love you." he gave me another quick kiss then gave the girls a sarcastic wave.

I watched him walk down the hallway, mentally admiring his cute a*s. Once he was out of sight, I stepped back inside to a bunch of smiling faces. "What?"

"You two are so adorable." Chloe said, clutching her hands to her chest. I rolled my eyes and walked toward them. "Sh*t." I leaned over, holding my stomach as I felt a sudden pain in it. The girls rushed to my side. "I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just a little contraction."

"I thought you weren't supposed to have those until you were in like labor or something." Stacie said.

"They're braxton-hicks contractions. You get them at 8 months as the baby moves more to get postioned for birth." the girls stared at me with blank looks. "What? I'm about to have a baby and I don't know the first thing about it. So, I did some research."

"Wow, our little Beca is growing up." Chloe said. "Yeah, but she's still a midget." Amy added.

"Ok, so what do you guys wanna do?" I changed the subject. "Talk about the baby, what else?" Amy responded rhetorically.

"Dear Lord, help me." I prayed as the girls dragged me to the couch and bombarded me with questions. This is going to be one long night.


I was lying on the bed watching TV when I heard the front door open. I turned the volume down and listened as the footsteps became louder and louder until the bedroom door opened. Jesse stood there, leaning agaisnt the door frame obviously drunk.

"Hey beautiful." he said, his words slurring. "Hm, bloodshot eyes and slurred words. You're drunk."

"My words aren't slurred, I'm just speaking cursive." I chuckled. Even in his drunken state he still has his sense of humor. He kicked his shoes off and stumbled toward me. "Ok, you need to sober up. I don't need you dying from high blood alcohol concentration."

I grabbed and pulled him into the kitchen. I set him on the chair at the bar (not alcohol related) and started a pot of coffee. I decided that, since I'm in here, I'll do the dishes so not to worry about them tomorrow. I felt Jesse's eyes follow me as I manuevered around the kitchen.

"Won't physical activity induce labor?" he asked after a few minutes of watching me. "It could but this has to be done."

"So let me do it." he jumped up beside me, almost falling over. I grabbed him, steadying him. "You're too drunk to walk, Jess but thanks for offering." I said setting him back into the chair. I started to walk away but he grabbed my hand, gently pulling me back. He gently pulled me into a kiss, his alcohol flavored lips closing over mine sweetly.

"What was that for?" I asked when his lips parted mine. "Thank you, for not getting angry with me for being drunk." I cupped his face in my hands, "Of course. What kind of fiance would I be if I got mad at you for getting drunk on your guys night?" he smiled, indicating he understood. I kissed him again before turning back to the coffee, fixing him a cup.


"Feel better?" I asked as I crawled back into bed, Jesse following me with his third cup of coffee. "Much." he answered as he sat down.

We were silent as I read my baby book and Jesse sipped his coffee while watching tv. Eventually, he got bored so he leaned over, pushing his head between my arms, and began placing light kisses along my neck and jawline.

"Not tonight, Jess. I'm tired." I heard a muffled ok but he didn't stop. I admit, it felt good and I giggled when he rolled over and straddled me, increasing his pace and roughness.

"Jess, I'm serious this time. The kissing is great but nothing more."

At those words, he comnects his lips to mine. He presses his tongue against my lips and I separate them, allowing his tongue in. It dances gracefully with mine as I move my mouth in unision with his. I feel him carefully bite my lip and, sticking with my earlier answer, I let out a moaned no.

He obeyed but something suddenly came over him and he pinned me to the bed. At first, I wasn't worried because he does this a lot when he's trying to keep his little friend from popping up. But, when he started pulling on my shirt, I knew this was different. I pulled my lips away from his and squirmed my hands free. I gave him a push, urging him to remember that, even in pregnancy, I could easily kick his a*s. Not heading the warning, he continued trying so I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him off of me. He landed on his back down by my feet.

"What the h*ll, Jesse?" I asked as I pulled my shirt back down. "You're always a gentleman when it comes to this."

"Maybe I don't want to be a gentleman about it anymore!" he raised his voice as he stared up at the cieling. "Beca, you're amazing but ever since you got pregnant we have barely done it. I'm tired of it. Why can't I get the one thing that I want from this relationship?" he asked, his voice lowered.

"The one thing you want from this relationship?" I repeated his words a little questioningly. "Jesse, I've given you more of me than I have ever given anyone. I have given you my loyalty, I've given you my promise, my virginity, my body, and now I'll be giving you my life. What else do you want from me?"

"It's not a matter of what I want as much as what I don't want." he answered, keeping his eyes diverted from mine.

What I don't want.

I thought hard about his words, searching for the answer to this riddle. What could I be giving him that he doesn't want? Then, it hit me.

"The baby?" I questioned, watching his face for the answer. "You don't want the baby." I stated. His silence agreed with the look on his face, confirming my suspicion.

"I don't understand. You have always talked about us getting married and having kids and now that it's happening, you don't want it? Why?" he stayed silent. "Jesse, what's gotten into you?"

"Nothing has gotten into me, Beca! It's who's gotten into to you that's bothering me!" he yelled as he sat up and looked at me.

"What the h*ll are you talking about?"

"Oh don't act like you don't know."

"I'm not acting. I have no f*cking clue what you are talking about." I said, starting to feel very angry. "I'm talking about you and Bumper!" he yelled.

"Me and Bumper?" I asked feeling very confused. "Wait, you think that Bumper and I, you think we had sex?" I asked, barely able to hold back the laughter at his ridiculous accusation.

"No, I don't think. I know." I couldn't stop the giggles as they fell past my lips. "You seriously think that I would cheat on you with that idiot?"

"It happened didn't it?" he asked, once again diverting his eyes from me. "Uh no, it really didn't but I am interested in hearing what bulls#it story he gave you."

The room fell silent as we both had calmed down. Jesse began talking, rather than yelling, as he explained what Bumper had told him.

"So you believe him? You believe that the only reason I had sex with you is to make you think I'm pregnant with your child though it's actually the child I concieved with Bumper in the freaking outhouse the night of the fair? You actually believe that?"

"I don't know, Beca. I just know that's what he told me."

"I know, Jesse. I know he told you that and I know you believe him but I'd like to throw some common sense into this overflowing bucket of bullsh*t." I scooted closer to him and turned his head to face me.

"Let's just think about the fair for a moment. How could I have had the time to go f*ck Bumper in the outhouse when:

1) I was with you the whole time.

2) I was throwing my guts up after the tilt-a-whirl.

3) We got stuck at the top of the ferrus wheel for over an hour.

4) Stacie and Donald dragged us to the derby.

5) I fell asleep in your arms while watching the derby.

6) We got bored and went back to my dorm after the derby.

7) I find outhouses disgusting and refuse to use them AND I can't stand Bumper. He is more disgusting than the outhouse.

And lastly, and most importantly, I can't recall even seeing Bumper there once.

So how or why would I take the time to cheat on you with Bumper?"

"I don't know, Bec. Why does anyone?" he asked.

"Because they're lonely or not satisfied, Jesse. I wasn't either of those. I was almost always with you and just being near you is enough to satisfy me. I love you, Jess. I never had a reason to cheat and even if I did, I would have chosen someone like Luke, not Bumper."

"If you didn't do it then why would Bumper, one of my closest friends, tell me you did?"

"Ok first of all, if one of your closest friends admits to sleeping with your fiance, he is not your friend. And he told you this because he is a jerk and he is just trying to get back at me for turning him down because I love you."

"You just said he admitted to it." Jesse latched onto that one word that I probably shouldn't have used in this position.

"It's a figure of speech that I was using as an example. Jesse, I never cheated on you. You are the only person that has seen me naked and you are the only person that I want to see me naked." I left out the fact that Chloe is the only other person who has seen me naked due to an unexpected and very awkward shower confrontation which I never wanted to happen.

"I don't know who to trust right now, Bec. I'm sorry."

"You're supposed to trust me. I am your pregnant fiance and I love you more than life. Jesse, we've been together deapite everything and I am giving you the miracle of life. All Bumper has done is given you false information after only a year of friendship. Who you should trust is obvious." I said then it fell completely silent as we sat on opposite sides of the bed.

I began to silently sob as I realized we were falling apart. I knew this day would come. Ruined relationships are inevitable with me and this one has reached that point. The trust was lost. It left, taking the relationship with it on its short journey to the point of no return, leaving my heart to slowly fall apart and making me feel like dying.

"I knew this would happen." I said choking back the tears. "I knew that if I opened up, someone would just shut me down. That's why I fought and pushed people away. I just never thought, that out of all of the awful people I have across, I never thought that you would be the one to do this to me. To emotionally kill me, leaving me physically paralyzed." he eyed me as I continued to speak. "Relationships are built off trust, Jesse and it hurts to know that you no longer trust me. It hurts that you think that I could actually lie to you about something as important as our child. I love you, Jess and I know that this is going to kill me but I have to do what's best for me and this child."

"You don't have to say it. Please don't say it." he begged as a couple of tears fell down his cheeks.

"I don't want to but you have to understand that this isn't because I don't love you anymore. You still mean everything to me but I need you to trust me. I can't be with you if you don't trust me."

"Please don't do this to me. I love you, so much."

"I know but love isn't enough if there is no trust. Tell me you honestly trust me and I will stay. Please." to my dismay, he stayed quiet. "Then I'm sorry, Jesse but it's over."

He burried his face in his hands and sobbed, making it impossibly harder for me not to cry. I tried distracting myself by dressing and getting ready to leave but I could still hear him sobbing. I silently cried as I finished getting dressed.

Before leaving, I had to do one more thing. I stood in front of Jesse and pulled his hands out of his face. His eyes were red puffy. I wiped away a tear with my thumb before pulling him onto my lips.

His tongue immediately connected to mine and I had to squeeze my eyes closed to stop the tears. I know that this will most likely be our last kiss. Instead of ruining it with tears, I pushed away the pain of my breaking heart and let myself melt into his touch for the last time.

I tangled my hands in his hair as his wrapped around my waist. He pulled me closer, pressing my mouth to his even more. We held each other so tight that our fingers were gently digging into the others skin.

I managed to slide the engagement ring off of my finger and into his hand. He closed his hand carefully around mine as I reluctantly disconnected our lips.

"Goodbye, Jesse." I said these words so quietly that it's almost like I never said them at all because I didn't want to have to say them.

I quickly removed my hand from his and ran for the door. The tears that I held back came pouring out all at once, blurring my vision. I wiped them away but it didn't seem to help. I sat in my car and just bawled. I let the tears run down my face one after the other until my cheeks were raw and my tear ducts were as dry as the sahara.

We're over and I'm dead (metaphorically).

****Author's P.O.V.****

When he heard that door close, Jesse knew that his life was over. He had let the one thing that meant the most to him walk away, all because of some open ended statement. He kmows that he will be eternally miserable because it will be impossible to find another woman that could make him feel the way Beca made him feel. With her, Jesse felt strong and happy and maybe a little heroic. But, most of all, she made him feel loved. Like there is no where she'd rather be than with him.

So yes, there are other fish in the sea but none of those come close to being as perfect as his fish.

Beca feels the same about Jesse. She is positive that she is absolutely, one hundred percent in love with Jesse. But, she also knew that if she opened up and let him in, then there was a chance that she would get hurt. She bravely took that chance but she prepared for the worst. She thought that with all of the preparation she would be able to handle the break up when the day came but, now that it's here, she's realizing that it was stupid thought. No matter how much thought she put into it, there is no amount of preparation that could cushion the blow of losing the one you love. She is miserable. She had trusted her heart to Jesse and he has shattered it, leaving her in a puddle of her own tears to punish herself for her stupidity.

With the salty tears stinging her swollen eyes, she put the key in the ignition and slowly pulled away from the curb. She watched what used to be her apartment in her rearview mirror. It became smaller and smaller with every spin of her wheels until, eventually, she couldn't see it any longer.

She was going to the one person she knows she can count on. The only other person that has seen her naked. The person that got into the a Capella business in the first place. The one person that trusted Jesse almost as much as she did.

"Beca? Oh my God, you're crying. What happened?" Chloe asked when she opened the door to a broken Beca.

Instead of answering, Beca fell into her arms as the tears fell put once again. Chloe realized who this was about. There's only one person that can make her cry like this. "It's Jesse, isn't it?" Beca cried even harder at the mention of his name. Chloe held her tight and comforted her as she cried into shoulder, hard and endlessly.


"So he actually believed him?" Chloe asked as she handed Beca a cup of hot tea and sat on the couch beside her.

"Crazy right?" Beca replied.

After what felt like hours, Beca had finally calmed down. She sat down with Chloe and Chloe listened intently as Beca explained her devastatingly eventful night.

"Why wouldn't he believe you? You've been nothing but faithful for other years and he all of a sudden decides not to trust you anymore?"

"Yep. That's just guys, I guess."

"No, that's just insane. Beca, you are completely in love with him and instead of fighting it you just let him accuse you of something as awful as cheating."

"There was nothing I could do, Chlo. He doesn't have to believe me and I can't make him. The only thing I could do was end it so we weren't miserable."

"But you are miserable."

"Yes, I know, but I'm single. I can't be miserable and in a relationship for the sake of the baby. When a relationship is miserable, the couple yells and fights and I don't want our boy to see is like that. I lived in house with parents that had a miserable relationship, it was awful and I want my baby to have better."

"And you think that never knowing his father is better for him?"

"He's going to know his father, I'm not heartless, he's just not going to have married parents. Jesse and I, we can be friends but nothing else, at least not yet." Chloe fully understood her devastated and dropped the Jesse thing.

She jumped to her feet and held her hand out for Beca. "You get the bed, I'll take the couch."

"Oh no, I can't take your bed."

"And I can't let my pregnant friend sleep on the couch, it's not safe."

"Then I'll sleep on the floor." Beca suggested.

"Rebeca Genevieve Mitchell, stop arguing with me. You're taking the bed and that's final. Now, grab my hand so I can pull your pregnant a*s off of that couch and into that bed." Beca eyed her friend, waiting for her to catch how weird that sounded. "You know what I mean! God! Come on."

Beca laughs as she grabbed Chloe's hand. Chloe carefully pulled her off of the couch and lead her to the room. She waited as Beca changed into her pajamas then she helped her into the bed.

"Thank you, Chloe. For everything."

"Of course." she ruffled Beca's hair as if she were a child before shutting the lights off and leaving Beca alone in the dark.


Beca watched the clock on the nightstand as the minutes slowly ticked by. She couldn't sleep. This has been happening a lot for the past couple of months. Jesse would always sing to me and it helped but I don't Jesse anymore.

Midnight rolled around and she still couldn't handle it. She grabbed her phone off of the nightstand and clicked it on to see a picture of her and Jesse. She looked at it for a moment then clicked the phone button. She scrolled down until she found Jesse's name. She hovered her thumb over the button as she thought about it. She decided against it and clicked her phone back off as she pulled herself out of bed.

She was about to exit the room when her phone rang. She rolled her eyes as she treked back to the bed. The caller I.D. showed Jesse. She mentally debated it before answering the call.

"You answered." Jesse said almost questioningly before she could utter hello.

"Hello to you, too." she said sarcastically as she slowly began to make her way back to the kitchen.

"Sorry, I don't what that was. It's just, I miss you, Bec."

"I miss you, too. But, you don't trust me so this is the best thing for us." she poured herself a glass of milk as she listened to Jesse.

"I know, it's just so different. Not having you in the bed next to me is gonna take some time to hey used to. I wish I didn't have to get used to it."

"I know but you do and so do I. We both know this is th best thing, for us and for the baby. We would've been miserable what with you worrying about me cheating all of the time and me thinking about you worrying about me cheating. We are better off this way, Jess."

"I know."

Beca felt a sudden pain tear through her abdomen, causing her to double over and groan as she held her stomach.

"Beca, are you ok? Was that baby? Is it time?" Jesse began freak out.

"Calm down. It was just a little contraction, it's normal."

"Ok. Well, I just wanted to hear your voice and now that I have, I'll leave you alone so you can get some sleep. Bye Bec."

"Wait Jess." Beca stopped him from hanging up as she crawled into bed.

"Yeah Bec?"

"This is probably gonna sound weird but, can you sing to me?" it was quiet on Jesse's end as he smiled at her words. "It just, your voice soothes the baby and when he's soothed I can hey some sleep." Beca explained her sudden question.

"Sure. Just, get comfortable and tell me when." Beca snuggled under the covers, keeping the phone pressed between her cheek and the pillow. "Ok, I'm ready." Jesse took his cue and began singing.

"Won't you come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby. Tell me, your troubles and doubts. Giving me everything inside and out. Don't you, forget about me. As I walk on by, will you call my name....." He heard her breathing become softer and slower, indicating that she had fallen asleep.

"Good night, Bec." he said, though he knows she can't hear her, then ended the call.

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