Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


4. the surpise

as they arrived in Bostan they checked into the same hotel that one direction where staying in and checked into the room right next to them after they unpacked and settled in perrie,jessy,and leighann told Jade they will be back and that there going to get food but they really went to the next room to visit one direction and figure out the plan for the surpise.

"Niall open up we are here."jessy said "come on in wheres Jade."Liam said "shes in the next room so we can't be loud."leighann said

after they figured out the plan they went back to the room where Jade was and told her to follow them to get her food.

"why do i need to come with you, you know what i want i told you."Jade said "well we want you to come with us and eat out."Jessy said as she put a blind flod on her head and pushed her in the room where the boys where staying."guys what are you doing why is there a blind flod on my head and my arms tied."Jade said with confustion

they took of the blind flod and untied her and turned on the lights that's when she saw......

"ahahahhahahha oh my gosh you girls tricked me ahahahahhaahhaahha Harry i've missed you so much and i've missed all of you guys some much as well thanks girls for doing this."Jade said with tears in her eyes

after they talked and hugged they decsied to go to bed and to have breakfast in the morning together before the boys head out for a show in Bostan.




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