Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


2. the injury/leaving

after they got to the hotel perrie and jessy said they wanted to go out and eat at dennys so they all left and when they got there and they ate after words they left and took a short cut to the hotel and when they did a drunk driver came and almost hit jade but she jumped out of the way but landed on a rock and injuryed her shoulder.

"hey how dinner."one direction said "great but jade injuryed her self."jessy said "what happened."harry said "we took a short cut back here and a drunk driver came and almost hit her so she jumped out of the way and landed on a rock and bruised her shoulder so we took her to the hospital and they said she torn her shoulder."leighann said "wow that's terrible where is she now."niall said "perrie is bringing her up, oh funny story on her way up the stairs to get in the building she tripped and fell in a buket of water or we hope was water then got up and hit her head on the door she really doen't have any luck."jessy said

"perrie can we stop right here i'm wet and my head hurts well my entire body hurts but mostly my shoulder." jade said "sure just tell me when you want to contiue then will go."perrie said

(5 mintues later)

"jessy they have been gone for like 10 mintues where are they."liam said "i don't know i'll go look."leighann said

"perrie, jade where are you."leighann said "is that leighann."jade said "yeah i think it is, leighann over here by the stairs."perrie yelled "what are you guys doing over here you do know theres an eleavater right."leighann said "yeah but it said out of use so we took the stairs."perrie said "really because we used it and it was working fine."leighann said "so your telling me that it was working and that we did'nt have to take the stairs, perrie just be gald i'm too tried and in pain or you would totally be running from me right now."jade said "that's good to know for the future."perrie said

All the girls head back to the hotel room and chat then watch bambi at the very end of it......

"Jade are you okay."harry said "yeah it was just really sad see im not the only one crying." Jade said "perrie,jessy,and leighann are you okay then oh and niall."liam said "yeah." they all said

after the movie it was time for bed, then at 1:00am simon called one direction and told them to be ready and get packed because they where going on a plane at 4:00am to start there where we are tour.

as they where getting ready they tried not to wake up the girls and they where just going to leave quickly.

"hey what are you doing."Jade said "packing up simon called we are starting our tour so we need to get on the plane and leave before it's 5:00am so  im going to text and skype and maybe call you when we land and where we are going love you."Harry said

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