Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


7. the finial descison

Jade was up set with her mom and so she called perrie to talk to her about it.

"Perrie hey im really upset right now."jade said "why what happened." Perrie said "I told my family that harry and I are getting married and everyone was so excited about it but my mom said that she for bids it I don't know what to do."jade said "im sure she'll come around and be fine with it maybe even tomorrow just give her time to think about it I mean jade you left at age 17 and went on X Factor and then was put into a band and then we won then we went on and toured you haven't been home in a while and when you do you say your getting married and writing another album which means another tour she's probably just said that she's losing you or just not involed enough in your life so give her time."Perrie said "your right omg im a tterrible daughter I hurt her I have to go I have to talk to her love you and miss you perrie." Jade said "love and miss you too Jade." Perrie said

Jade went to her parents room and talked to them for about 3 hours

"Mom dad can I talk to you please it's important. "Jade said "of course come in whats up."her dad said "are you guys sad that I left you to early tnat I haven't been back for a long time that I haven't kept you involed enough is that why you forbid me to get married." Jade said "jade we love you but your only 19 you can't get married okay and yes you haven't been home for awhile but we understand that and we would never want to be the reason for the band to break up we support you but you getting married no that we don't support. " jades mom said "fine then you don't want me to get married then then your not invited to the wedding thanks for everything and I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon night mom night dad."jade said very angry

Jade went to her room and cried then she called Harry and ask if she could visit him and his family

"Hey would I be able to visit you got into a fight with my parents I'll tell you later what it was about please call me back need to know soon if I can love you."jade

Said while crying 

Harry called her back later that night and he said that she could and he and his family can't wait to see me.


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