Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


11. the end

Now you might be wondering how I ended it well here is how I did 

Later on after everything worked out it was the wedding they had it on there time off so about 2 weeks and a 1 week for the honeymoon but that didnt matter what matter was that they where together now they never broke up they stayed together forever beacause they were might to be no matter the drama no matter the family fights because they needed eachother they where like each others oxygen and without it they would die.

Jade had problems with her health but it wasn't big but it did mean that little mix had to stop for a little bit which none of them like jade couldn't breathe sometimes and they can't have that on tour because it could happen on stage and that would be the end she needed to rest she needed to be with harry and to be with her family to fully recover.

Jade and Harry talked about having a baby when harry turned 26 and jade turned 25 because jade was a year younger now that is 6 and 5 years away but they decided that it would be the best time so they could watch there child grow and still be able to remember who they are when there old.

Jade and Harrys love story is special and perfect but this is the end of it so I hope you enjoy it.

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