Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


1. SINGING/interview with alan

Little mix was singing change your life at a interview for one direction and little mix, and when they where done they sat down in the other counch and started talking with alan chatty and one direction.

"Hello everybody tonight we have 2 guests, we are also going to get into rumours and trying to get down in the dirt and figure out what was true or false then we will play games and then we will bring something out and give it to one of the memebers of little mix, now lets welcome our guests one direction and little mix."alan said

"Now lets start with the getting down in the dirt and figuring out the rumors."alan said

"Okay lets get this straight lets start with perrie now people are saying that you and zayn are breaking up and others are saying that your having a baby so I want to know which ones ture and which one is flase."alan said "wow okay im not having a baby and we are not getting married either." Perrie  said "jade the next one is for you, now you have many rumors and let's just say they are just wow some are about you dying and others are about you and harry now those we all want to know about because I know your not just friends am I right."alan said "well we are dating and really good friends but I dont know whats so wow about that." Jade said "oh yeah we all know what that means jade"alan said while laughing "what what no okay lets just get things straight alan I know what your thinking but what your thinking about is not ture."jade said very fast while laughing "okay that was really fast."alan said

after awhile alan decied to ask question to figure out what is true and false

"here are some questions um perrie is it true or false did you and jessy give your number to austin mahone and justin bebier."alan said "no i didnt but jessy gave only justin because she likes the bad boys."perrie said while laughing "it's true i do."jessy said "so you would go for me im find myself a bad boy don't you agree."alan said laughing "hahahahahah thats really funny alan."jessy said

now after they where done alan brought a member of little mix a treat

"now i have a preasent for one member of what band do you think."alan said "um one direction and the member louis is that correct."jessy said "no." alan said "little mix and perrie is that correct."jade said "no, i'll tell you the answer it's from little mix and it's the one you can easly scare now who is it.'alan said "jade."perrie said really fast "okay and jade here is your present bring it out pete."alan said "ahahahahahha no get rid of it alan ahahahhahaha i hate clowns ahahahahahah."jade said

after the interview they left and went back to the hotel and everyone hanged out with eachother

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