Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


3. missing love

One direction left to go on there 8 mouth tour and Jade is missing Harry so much she crys everytime he calls at night or during the day she says that every time she hears his voice she crys she can't live with out him.

"hey Jade time to get up." perrie said "um ahah."Jade said "come on you get to pick what we have for breakfast."jessy said "okay lets have macdonalds pancakes."Jade said "okay how come that's your pick everytime we ask what you want to eat."Leighann said "because it's harry's favourite and every time we eat them he feeds me and makes hearts and happy faces in them and i miss that okay."Jade said

after we got back from eatting harry called and jade literly jumped and grapped the phone.

"hello Harry is that you."Jade said "yeah i miss you Jade."Harry said "i miss you too."Jade said "jade can i talk to him for a seconded."perrie said "um."Jade said "give it to me."perrie said as she grapped the phone from jade and fell back.

"hey this is Perrie Jade will talk to you in a minute um here Jade really miss's you and i want to surpise her so we are going to bring her to Bostan to meet up with you guys but we won't tell her so don't tell her because i want her to be surpise and be really happy."Perrie said "yeah of course see you tomorrow night, i got to go so tell Jade i'll call tomorrow night and tell her i love her."Harry said "okay bye Harry have fun and get some sleep."Perrie said

"what you hanged up i didn't get to say goodbye."Jade said "Harry said that he loves you and miss you and will call you tomorrow night oh and peter called we have to go to bostan to do a show so we have to leave now so lets go pack up."Perrie said

after they packed up they got in the bus and drove to Bostan.

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