Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


9. hospital time

Jade was still in the hospital in her comma and she onlys has 1 day left before she will fall into a deep one 

"Harry im so sorry whos here for so far."perrie said "you the rest of little mix the rest of one direction my mom and sister and my step dad went to pick up her brother karl."harry said "wow what about her parents."Perrie said "no her mom said she wants nothing to do with her and that she was a great mistake etc theres more but I think she should be the one to tell you that."harry said 

It was now night time and she now has 7 hours before it's too late her brother got here and when he walked in the hospital room he said 

"What the hell happened to her is she going to be alright right."karl said crying "we hope so she now has 2 hours left."jessy said very worried

2 hours past now its 5 minutes away from being a deep comma 

1 minute left 

"Come on jade please,"perrie said "jade I love you please your everything to me if you leave I don't know how I would live with myself I would balm myself for ever please come back theres 20 seconds left its not too late to come back please hurry." Harry said crying

Jade past the 2 day mark and the doctor's said that she is now in a deep comma and might not come out of it 

"She might come out but visiting time is over so you guys need to leave please we will call you if anything changes."her doctor said 

They left and at 1am she stopped breathing they were able to save her and 2 hours later she woke up and the doctor's were so happy and they called everyone to come.


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