Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


8. Harrys house

"Hey leaving to harrys I'll call you guys later tonight if I can love you karl."jade said as she ran out the door

When she arrived at harrys house his family where in the living room 

"Hey harry I've missed you so much how are you and thanks again for letting me stay."jade said to harry and his family "your welcome your family and we will be there for you."anne said 

They eat dinner then after they talk about the wedding plans when jades phone rings 

"Sorry I have to get this brb, hello."jade said on the phone "you said you would call tonight but you didn't why not."jades mom said on the phone "I got busy we are hanging out and having fun and talking about the wedding plans when we are going to be married to so if you don't mind I would like to get back so bye."jade said on the phone "you are a mistake of a daughter I wish I never had you I hate you and your friends and I hate harry too, I will never support you ever again and I'm not going to your wedding go die goodnight and never talk to me again."jades mom said over the phone 

Jade went back into the living room and told everyone what happened

"Your Own mother said that to you."Ann said "yea she did now I have no where to stay when we have breaks and no mother or father to talk to and my brother who looks up to me I can't see him." Jade said crying out loud. 

Jade got up and left for a walk alone when she was walking around the corner harry jumped out and walked with her 

"Hey don't listen to her okay before we go back to little mix and one direction we will stop by your house and you can say goodbye to your bbrother and your father and if you want your mom. "Harry said "okay sounds good should we be going back."jade said "no we don't have to be home just yet."harry said 

Jade and Harry walked for hours and talked about everything and ended up sitting down on the park bench and cuddling harry even gave jade his coat to stay warm, later they headed home.

When they got home they went to bed at 9am harry woke up and tried to wake up jade put she wouldn't wake up so harry called his mom who was the only one home other then them and they ended up taking jade to the hospital

"Okay so jade slipped into a comma last night now we are hoping that she will be awake in 2 days tops but if not we fear she might go into a deep comma which is hard to wake up in."jades doctor said "oh no this can't be happening please no no I can't no."Harry cried


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