Harry and jade's love story.
from the beigning till the very end.


6. going home

It was that time again Jade and the rest of little mix where headed home for a mouth to visit there friends and family.

"Jade we've missed you so much so hows life hows harry and the rest of little mix what's the lastest gossip rumors."Jades mom said "mom clam down i've been home for only 2 minutes and your already asking me so many questions i'll answer them all when everybodys home and sitting in the living room because i have something to tell all of you guys it's really amazing."Jade said

after everybody got home Jades mom called everyone down so jade could tell everybody what they wanted to know and the big surpise before it hit bilborads and magazines covers and on the news.

"okay so mom ask alot of questions and i'm going to answer them all so everyone can ask and i will answer so mom go first."Jade said "okay hows little mix and one direction." she said "There perfect actually we are writing our new album right now so when we get back we will continue and one direction are perfect there putting out there 4th album on monday the 17th so i'm really excited about that because they only let us her 7-8 songs and theres at least 18 i think, do you have any more."Jade said "um whats the latest gossip rumors."she said "perrie and zayn are engaged which they are jessy got a new tatto which is true leigh-anns quiting the band which is not true she loves it and us and that's about it."Jade said "okay how's your relationship with harry going."karl her brother ask "amazing we are like one we get each other and we make each other happy and speaking of that Harry and I are getting married."Jade said "what no you can't get married your not aloud i forbid it."her mom said "mom just let her get married shes a growen women and she can do what she wants you can't stop her."karl said "thanks karl he's right and don't you want to know the story of how he did it."jade said "fine but it won't change how i feel."her mom said "okay, so they left on there where we are tour and they went to bostan and i really missed him so the girls secretly planned to meet up with them without me finding out which i didn't so when we got to bostan they blind folded me and put me in this really dark room then when i took it off i saw them standing there and it was amazing to see them then we went to dinner then when we came back harry took me to the side and told everyone to listen up and he said my full name and ask me to marry him and i said yes of coruse everyones faces where like wow no one knew not even the boys or girls which was a surpise for everyone but im glad he ask because i always wanted to spend the rest of my life with him i love him."Jade said "my answer is still no Jade your not getting married that's final."she said

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