The Fence

The large brick building growing dark green creatures, and forests of weeds in the back but the front with newly painted skin and flowers kissing the dark air, a sign painted with the name "St.Jeffersons, the school for the gifted"

The student's think it is a prison
The parent's think it's a school
The staff know the truth


3. The Track

Today was normal

5:30 am : Wake up

5:35 am : Clean your room/cell up

6:00 am : Get ready to eat breakfast

6:30 am : Finish breakfast and head to track.


Yup, the track, where everyone has to walk their for 5 hours straight, no interruptions, just walking. The teachers call it "Relax Time" but what my friends and I call it , is the Plan Maker. We planned thousands of escapes walking that track. I lost so many friends who tried. Some killed, some did escape and one, we don't know what happened. It was last December, Michael told us he had the perfect plan, and at the time, we all thought it was, but instead of taking us with him, he "wanted to make sure it worked". That's what they all say, but not all meant it. We knew Michael, he was like the many who wanted to fend for themselves. During "Relax Time" He tricked the guards outside to think one of the new kids ran off, in that time he attempted to sneak into the bathrooms, and wait til everyone went inside. Unfortunately they caught him before he got inside. He was pushed inside and the last thing we heard was his scream. The scream that still haunts my endless dreams. The scream that causes the blood to drain from my face whenever I hear Michael's name. The scream that took away any hope I had.

I never tried to escape, but Ava did.Obviously, or she would be here. I tried everything I could to stop her but she didn't listen. She just didn't listen

I fixed my bed and made my way to the door. I still tried to remember her face, it was dirty, and what I also saw was blood. She was a fast runner so she could have made it to the cornfield before the next flash came. I went down the stairs and into the cafeteria.Bryn and Eve were sitting there waiting for me. I sat down.

"What's for breakfast?" I ask staring at what looked like barf in the form of fish sticks.

"French Toast, with a new spice." Bryn said, stabbing it with her fork.

"Nobody is eating it." Eve answered as she put a apple in her mouth. 

"Let me try." I sat down and took Bryn's fork. I slowly pulled the fork to my mouth and took a small bite. "Atghhffhf!" I yell, coughing like crazy. I took Eve's napkin and spit it out. "Gross." I mumble as a take a drink of Bryn's milk.

"Get your own." She snatches her milk out of my hands.

"Yeah yeah." I wiped the dripping milk off my chin with my sleeve. I walked into line, the line of sad, depressed "students" who wished that they could be at home, sitting next to the fireplace, playing with their dog. Or at least I was.

When I finally got up to the counter the lunch lady handed me a tray and a cup of milk. I walked back to the table and flipped the barf sticks off my tray.

"So what's new?" I said with a mouth full of peaches.

"Stella is escaping today on the track." Bryn hung her head low

Stella is Bryn's other best friend, and well she couldn't stop her when it came to trying to leave.

"Oh." I said quietly. Sitting in silence was almost like a goodbye, almost.

The bell rang. We all dropped our trays in the can and walked to the doors.

The doors flung open with a slight buzz, letting in a hot, sticky breeze.

We all ran outside in the hot sun. The sun blinded my eyes for a minute but then adjusted so I could see the track. Not a normal track. A track surrounded by prison wire, and a electrical fence, stopping anyone who wanted to escape. It is cruel, but with the amount of attempted escapes, they had to do something, but if they couldn't stop them from getting over the fence they were left to the cornfields, cut into mazes of terrible things. Ava was heading for the maze and I fear I will hear her scream. We walked down to the hard pavement toward the track. We all step on, feeling the soft black mesh under our feet.

It was really boring to just walk, you could talk to your friends but after the first 30 minutes, it get really boring. I remember my first day here, it was kinda hard to forget.


"Mom, I don't like the looks of this school." I whined to my mother as she pulled up to  St. Jeffersons. "The name is sweet and have you seen their website, so beautiful." my mom unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door.

"Come on Clara." She said as she slammed the door closed. I fumbled my fingers to the button and unbuckled my seatbelt and jumped out of the car.

I followed her to the doors. She pressed the button and the doors clicked open. We both walked into a sunny yellow room with stick figure children, running. That is what I wanted to do from this place. Run.

"Welcome to St.Jeffersons School, are you signing your kid up?" the lady at the front desk asked.

"Yes." my mom smiled

"No" I said at the same time. We both stared at each other and laughed.

"Yes, I am." my mom said again

"Please fill out this form" the lady said and handed my mother a form.

I sat down in the purple chair and looked around. I saw a group of people walking inside with the same red shorts and white shirts. They didn't look happy and they looked at me. They shook their heads and mouthed one word, in unison "GO!" I ignored them and watched my mom fill out the form


I miss my mother. I turned my head to find Bryn and Eve not next to me anymore. I looked around the track. They were far ahead. I started to run toward them. As I picked up speed I felt a sharp pain go through my feet, to my legs. Everyone collapsed onto the trackThe volt of electricity had altered my vision but I lifted my head to see a small girl run past me, she was quick, skipping over the bodies of the students she let get filled with volts of brain melting electricity.The fact she was still running as she was getting shocked was beyond me. She jumped onto the fence, making quick, swift movements as she climbed it. She was moving fast, as fast as she could go until I heard a buzz and then the girl screamed. She fell onto the pavement, the height would have already killed her, but she was already dead.


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