The Fence

The large brick building growing dark green creatures, and forests of weeds in the back but the front with newly painted skin and flowers kissing the dark air, a sign painted with the name "St.Jeffersons, the school for the gifted"

The student's think it is a prison
The parent's think it's a school
The staff know the truth


4. Pork-Da-Fork

It was Stella. I wanted to get to Bryn, hug her and tell her it was alright but we all knew it wasn't.I watched her motionless body lifted up by the guards and thrown over the fence, probably to feed the monsters in the maze. I moved my eyes off her and to the fence, if it was a deadly shock, the fence would still be vibrating. Just as I thought that, Stella jumped up and headed for the field. She was in cross country or whatever you call running the track for 2 hours, so she gracefully ran into the maze. I started to feel my body warming up and I was able to move my arms. I pushed myself up, with the little strength I had. I heard the guards yelling for her, but if I was just shocked with almost deadly volts of power and I had the chance to escape, I would take it. I stumbled my way to my friends who were still flailing on the track. I fell a couple of times but I finally make it to them. "Guys, you ok?" 

I saw them slowly nod their heads. I watch as they slowly get to their feet. "Oww." Bryn moaned as she grasped onto Eves's shoulder to help stable herself.

"They didn't have to pour a thousand volts of electricity to get catch and then not get Stella." Eve mumbled.

"That is a good plan, you know for one time and then they might kill you again to make sure your really dead." Bryn shot Eve a deadly look 

"Sorry." Eve moaned

"Let's just get this over with" I plop myself in the middle of them and help stable themselves to walk. We had 3 more hours to go, and this was going to be 3 very long hours.


After walking the track with our very sore bodies, we went inside for dinner. I slowly sat down in my chair, trying not to raise the pain I had in my legs. "Worst five hours ever!" I moaned. "You such a baby" Eve mocked. I looked to Bryn, who was hiding her face under her long brown hair. I couldn't see it, but I knew she was crying, whispering Stella's name with her sobs. I know because I did the same this with Ava.

I sarcastically gave Eve a smile. 

"So what's for dinner?" I look toward the long line of students.

 "Pork-da-fork" Eve laughed.

"I think I will get a salad." I nudge Bryn and she nods, agreeing with me.We both stood up and walked toward the salad bar. We fixed ourselves nice salads and sat back down next to Eve and her Pork-da-fork.

"Gosh Eve, that smells like a dead pig, rotting under some rotten eggs." Bryn laughed, which was the first time since she told us Stella's plans.

"after is rolled around in its own intestines "  I finished as I stuffed my mouth with lettuce, that had more of a chance of being rolling in pig intestines than that nasty "pork".

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