The Fence

The large brick building growing dark green creatures, and forests of weeds in the back but the front with newly painted skin and flowers kissing the dark air, a sign painted with the name "St.Jeffersons, the school for the gifted"

The student's think it is a prison
The parent's think it's a school
The staff know the truth


2. Missing


She is missing, she is gone, initiate CODE RED. 

If you have any information on the escape of Ava Rhodes please contact me. We are in code red, don't let anyone know until we have got everything under control.

- General Kane


"Are you sure you don't know about Ava Rhodes's disappearance? Principle Aziz sits down in her chair, not releasing her eye contact.

"No, last time I saw her was yesterday, before Blackout." I can feel the sweat in between my hands, as I cup them together nervously. It was more than the sudden interrogation, but being called down to the Principle's office was a nerve wrecker already, but being called down with two police officer's standing inside basically made me pee my pants.

"And where did you last see her?" I continue to rub them, but I could almost feel the officer's eyes on me, tickling the back of my neck, I look suspicious, stop acting suspicious you know nothing.

"Umm, I think the last time I saw her was before Blackout, she was reading a book, on her cot."

She starts to jot down notes. Why? I can just picture the words Ava likes to read on her cot before she escapes.

"So you were in her room last night, for any reason in particular?" She looks up, her green eyes creepily staring at me.

"We are friends... best friends if you want to get hypothetical. I stopped by before Blackout, just to say hi." I feel my heartbeat, beating in my throat, making it very difficult to breathe. Why did I tell them we were friends, they might think I had something to do with it. She doesn't answer, she just jots more notes. 

I am waiting for the question. Did you help her escape?

"Ok, well that will be all Ms.Warren, if we need anything else we will contact you." She just barely eyes the officers before they pull me up from the seat by my upper arm.

"See you later Ms.Warren." The two officers don't waste any time to push me out of her office and into the hallway.

I don't say anything as I walk out of the main office and into the cafeteria where Bryn and Eve sat at their table picking at their food

"Clara!" Bryn stands up quickly, ditching her tray of french toast and "sausage"

She immediately embraces me in a hug, but instead of what I thought was a friendly gesture, I hear her whisper as it tickles my ear.

"What was that about?" I can sense her fake smile. Pretending she is whispering a joke to me.

I go with the game and I laugh.

"Ava" I mutter under my breath, I pull from her grasp and  sit down in my seat,trying to shake the eyes of everyone else off of me.

Bryn sits down next to me, and continues to smile, but her eyes are saying something else.

"Nothing." I shake my head and take a sip from Eve's water.

Bryn and Eve both nod, and we eat in silence. Bryn and Eve are my friends, but not as close as I was to Ava. Oh Ava, why did you leave me?

She told me she was going to escape. Every day since we met, it was all she ever talked about. The long walks on the Track, the endless hours whispering after Blackout, and finally October 23rd she did. I don't know how, it is impossible, but I guess not impossible enough.She said she would leave clues. I found none so far and it is already Hallows eve. Maybe she is better off.She told me she wouldn't leave me alone here on Hallows Eve, she promised. Halloween anywhere else isn't like Halloween here.Things happen, bad things.Bad kids go missing, good kids left alone. I was always the good kid but you never want to go looking around on Halloween. The staff the teachers, everyone is hiding secrets, behind closed doors, you can't trust anyone, because we all want the same thing, to be free, at whatever cost. I sat in the corner of the dark math room. The teachers were in their daily meeting. I crawled toward the door. I heard slight whispering in the Social Studies room "Maybe we should try to listen in" Danny whispered. "Shh" I whisper. "If we get caught talking you know what will happen." I whispered. Nobody replied. I heard the metal doors start clicking open. I crawled quickly back to my corner and curled back into a ball. The rest of the kids were dead quiet. "We will discuss this later" Mr.Pean muttered to Mr.Racko.

Mrs.Pats walked into the room. "Were you all good?" she flicked the lights on. Everyone just nodded their heads. "To your seats... NOW!" she yells. I shot up, just like everyone else did and I ran to my seat. 

"Windows open!" She commands to the window. The windows slid up to reveal the dark rainy sky. Lighting flashing every second.She began to write on the chalkboard, a antique to schooling. I began to pick at my nails. Ava, Ava, Ava, Ava, Ava, Ava that was all that was being processed in my head. 

"Ah." a small gasp made my lift my head to the small girl next to me, her eyes toward the window, at first I didn't see it but then a dark figure flew through the cornfield. Flash they were there, Flash they were gone. I saw the face, the face of the person I thought escaped weeks ago.

The face was Ava


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