Ode to a Loved One

Just another poem about losing someone, thanks for reading if you do.


1. Ode to a Loved One

I remember when we were kids and we played football,

And I kicked your shiny, red ball into a bush.

I thought you'd get mad,

But you didn't.

I remember the times that we'd tell each other secrets,

And I laughed at one of yours.

I thought you'd get upset,

But you didn't.

And I remember the times our parents would yell at us,

And I talked back to them.

I thought you'd keep quiet,

But you didn't.

You couldn't hold in your laughter,

And neither could I.

No one could.

And I remember being so grateful for you,

And not telling you.

But you'd never get offended,

You didn't.

And I thought I'd finally tell you,

How much I love you

When you woke up.

But you didn't.

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