Wrecked Love

And in that moment, my vision was unclear and I could only see one thing. Niall lying next to me...unconscious. Before I could register what was happening I was also unconscious.


2. Nervous

Okay, so maybe me and Niall are a couple. At the movies he was so sweet. He put his arm around me and I could feel that he was nervous because he was shaking. And I still couldn't figure out why a 18 year old girl from Texas could make Niall Horan nervous. No, I do not have an accent from Texas because I moved to London when I was 1, after my dad passed away from lung cancer. I have to admit that I don't remember him at all. And it doesn't help that my mom doesn't have any pictures of him around the house. She says she needs to forget and move on. It's been 18 years and she still hasn't moved on. My 20 year old brothers, Landon and Matthew just moved out and my 25 year old brother Daniel moved out 4 years ago. It was kinda weird when my brothers talked about my dad, because I didn't remember him at all. But they never talked about him around my mom, she made it pretty clear that she didn't want to talk about him or hear us talking about him. So my brothers were my father figure for my whole childhood.

Niall eventually stopped shaking when I put my head on his shoulder.

"Your beautiful," he whispered into my ear.

I cuddled into him as my response. That's when I knew that he wasn't going to do what my previous boyfriends did. Most of them cheated on me and there was this one guy, who got drunk all the time and the one time he hit me. That's when I stopped dating for a while. I had a bruise on my cheek and you know how hard it is to explain to people that your boyfriend hit you. Then you tell them and they are sympathetic and I don't want sympathy, I want a boyfriend that loves me and treats me right and I think I finally found one.

Niall drove me home and walked me to my front door.

"Thanks Niall," I said and looked down at my feet.

He smiled at me and when he saw I wasn't looking at me he lifted my chin so I was looking into his blue eyes.

"Lyla," he started, "I know about your past boyfriends and I just want to tell you that I really like you and that I would never ever do anything like that to you."

"I know," I replied and smiled at him. I opened the front door and went inside.

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