Wrecked Love

And in that moment, my vision was unclear and I could only see one thing. Niall lying next to me...unconscious. Before I could register what was happening I was also unconscious.


4. Blackfriars bridge

Niall's POV

When Lyla kissed me. It was the best thing I've felt in my entire life. It seemed like our lips fit perfectly. And I kissed her back, passionately. When she pulled back her eyes were closed.

No words said...

She sat back in her seat and I put the car in drive and carried on driving to Blackfriars bridge. Maybe she didn't feel the same feeling that I felt, but I'm not sure that it's the same for her.

We get to the bridge and we walk to the middle and she leans against the railing of the bridge. She looks beautiful when the wind blows her hair or at anytime. I put my hands in my pockets and look down.

Lyla's POV

When Niall and I pulled back after I kissed him and he said nothing I leaned back in my chair. I felt so stupid, why did you kiss? Now he probably hates me! We don't talk at all and when we get to the bridge we walk to the middle and in lean against the edge. I turn to look at Niall and he is looking at his feet. I turn back and look into the distance.

"I'm sorry," I say hoping Niall hears me.

And he does, "Why??" He asks surprised and with hurt in his blue eyes.

"For kissing you, I was stup..."

"REALLY!!!! That's the best kiss I've ever had in my life Lyla and if you regret it I'm sorry and I'll just take you home right no..."

Wait, what. I say in my head, he doesn't hate me?

"You don't hate me for kissing you?!"

"Lyla, now why would I hate you," he says stroking my face softly.

"I thought when you didn't say anything after I kissed you that...I felt embarrassed that I just kissed you out of blue like that and..."

This time he kissed me and it was better than the one we shared earlier. It felt like everything and everyone else just fell away.

"Lyla," he said as he pulled back, "I'm afraid I have very deep feelings for you and please if you don't want me to kis..."

I put my finger against his mouth and when I pulled it away. We kissed and this time we didn't pull back for a long time and I felt perfect.

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