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  • Published: 9 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 9 Oct 2014
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Worries- 2014
I wrote this poem in hopes of calming my worries of the future. I know that I’m only living in right now, though I can’t accept that I am never close enough to tomorrow. But I think that one day, I won’t feel so restless not knowing what tomorrow will bring… I’ll learn to accept that whatever it is, I will overcome it, make the best of it, or simply enjoy it without a single thought of worry in mind!


1. Worries


Our lack of anticipation for every step ahead

Leaves us tainted with distress in every choice we make.

And sometimes we look beyond what we can see,

In hopes that we live before we die.

We think past the limits of reality,

Into the fantasies of imagination,

Longing for a glimpse of insight towards our future.

We cloud our thoughts with ‘what ifs’ and ‘why ifs’,

Questioning our fate with destiny,

And we endlessly hope that some of our

Most beautiful dreams exist beyond illusion.


We believe in the worst though our instinct,

Deep and secretive, urges us to hope for the best.

It soon becomes tiring, 

Worrying about what hasn’t happened

And fussing over what we can’t change.

It becomes frustrating,

Digging through the intelligence of knowledge,

Hoping to discover what lies ahead.

Yet we don’t think to simply forget about yesterday,

Ignore our worries for tomorrow, and simply live for today,

Even though we will always be one step in front of our past

And still one step behind our future. 

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