The Moveljay: An Anti-Movellas fanfiction

Movellas has changed drastically since the old days of peace between the two cities.
Now the Moveljay must spread her wings.


3. The Hideaway

I feel like my eyes are being melted out of my sockets as the dazzling bright glow of Holly's secret hideaway comes into view. I have to have my arm yanked to get me to walk down the steps, nearer to the room.

"Not very secret, is it?" Sanguine says. I don't say anything.

"It's only like this in the day," Holly says. "At night we must switch off all main lights."

I say nothing. 

We walk into the first room and the light seems to dim. I expected it to have been excruciating, like standing next to the sun. Or inside it. But it's cool in here. Pleasantly so. Finally, I'm calmed down enough to speak.

"Why did the Admins do this?" I ask. 

"Well, why did they change movellas?" she says. The two cities haven't been their usual selves since The Change. Literally.

The Blue city has been changed as much as the Red. It's once dark, electric blue stores that had been at their high point now that 5 seconds of summer have come onto the scene, as well as various Youtube fanfictions, have become much harder to find. Everything has. Not to mention, now that Decency has been deleted, there are exactly no good fanfictions anymore. Not in Movellas. I've never left Movellas, it's been my home forever. And now I'm homeless. I've heard of other Sites like Youtube and Wattpad and Twitter etcetera, but I've never been there. Do their Moderators treat them as nicely? Youtube is a merely a Province in Google, which is the mother nation of lots of well known, and lesser known, other sites. I learnt all about this in Citeography. I miss the Movellas School. I wonder if BCRs have school here. Well, nobody has school anymore. With the uprising, all kids have been pulled from the schools, since they are so hard to find. You don't want to lose your kid in there. Anyway, most kids are being used as a sort of wall around the cities. Even the Admins would never delete kids. But I guess they did just that not five minutes ago.

I take in my surroundings. Everything is made of gold in this one room. I see a door directly to my left saying "Gem Room". 

"Is that the room for Hidden Gems?" I ask. Holly smiles a wide, almost creepy smile. 

"Go ahead. Explore. Just be careful, young Moveljay." she says. I don't reply, instead I walk towards the room. I enter it, and my eyes are no so much dazzled, but pleasantly treated to a world of ruby red, garnet green, silvery white and, in the centre, a ring of golden glow. I still have my copy of "The Triad" clutched in my hands. I place it in the middle of the ring, where it's glow suddenly intensifies, as if this were it's true place all along. I look around the room again. This is what has replaced the Hidden Gem corner of Movellas, which is now dust. This small, cupboard like room. Still, at least they tried.

I walk back out, my hands free to explore some more. Sanguine is eating scones and herbal tea in the middle of the lobby. I ignore her and continue to another room labeled "The Mumblers" on it. As I approach it, an unappetising smell fills my nostrils. I gingerly place my hand on the doorknob, twist it, then push.

What lies before me is Mayhem. A pigsty. It's all those Mumblers from the past Movellas, the mumblers who were lost after running away from the deletion bomb that I know was let upon the Mumbling area of the old Movellas homepage. They sure can run fast. 

I should know, because one of them is headed right for me.


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