The Moveljay: An Anti-Movellas fanfiction

Movellas has changed drastically since the old days of peace between the two cities.
Now the Moveljay must spread her wings.


5. The Gun

"I'm Vicky, the weaponry creator. I made all of these." the woman says, gesturing to everything in the room. 

I stare and stare. I can't believe what I have just seen. I begin to stupidly stutter

"A-are th-those...deletion rays?" 

"Uh, yeah, they are!" Vicky says, smiling. I do not smile back. " you wanna take a look at it?" she asks. I nod very slowly, approaching the gun as if it's a rabid dog. I carefully touch it with the tips of my fingers as gently as possible. I run my index over the trigger, transfixed by it's sheer power. I am so amazed by it that I fail to ask how she made them. She gets back to shooting and deleting the targets on the opposite wall and I begin to feel sick. I start stumbling. Everything's coming back to me. The bombs. The red city. Decency. The poor girl who just wanted me to read her fanfiction. All the people of Decency, dead. My world spirals into darkness as I fall onto the floor.

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