The Moveljay: An Anti-Movellas fanfiction

Movellas has changed drastically since the old days of peace between the two cities.
Now the Moveljay must spread her wings.


1. The Change

I walk amongst the old homepage area of Movellas, that is now only ashes. It was deleted when Movellas changed. That's when the uproar began. It was all because of an ambiguous "regime" that The Admins came up with. The two cities are furious. There are some who were evacuated to The Admin Village because they were supporters of the change. I don't blame them. I don't hate them. I just hate this change. I immediately went for the role of The Moveljay. The face of the rebellion. The poster child. I am filled with rage at the Admins, but I feel somewhat sorry for some of them. Maybe not all of them wanted this. Maybe even a couple protested against it.

But I don't care. That wasn't enough.

"Moveljay, come in Moveljay" comes a voice in my earphones. It's my friend, Sanguine. She's next to me, but loves the little intercom thing so much that she uses it a lot. I turn to her and say aloud

"I'm going to the old Hidden Gems area. See if the old Hidden Gems survived the deletion. Wanna come?"

"Sure." she says, shrugging her shoulders. We walk silently over to the Hidden Gems corner, a place that used to shine and gleam with amazing underrated stories, but now is only rubble.

"Look!" I say excitedly, noticing a twinkle in the distance. I leap towards it hurriedly. I haul it out of the ashes, and finally discover a small, shiny Movella. It's called "The Triad". 

"Wow, would you look at that?" Sanguine says. I simply stare at it, longingly. I so wish this never happened. All these poor, helpless stories simply washed to the side. Sure, they still exist in the new Movellas, but this was their true home. 

"I want to leave" I state. Sanguine doesn't say anything, but I can tell she does too.

We are transported back to the blue city. We're staying there because it's calmer than the red. The fanfictions are used to this horrible unprofessionalism, so the rallies are far more spread out. I respect the fanfictions for what they are, but too many members of the Blue City are so pathetic that the minority of good authors are crammed into a single little section of town called "Decency". We live there. 

Sanguine only ever calls me "Moveljay" or abbreviations of that now. Before this I was "TMJ" or "TJ", but ever since the uprising it's been different. Everything has, literally. I slump down against the wall of one of the tiny shelters of Decency and Sanguine eats the rest of her sandwich. I brought the Hidden Gem copy of "The Triad", so I read it. It's interesting and I get into it quickly. But soon I start to yearn the old days again and quickly shut it. Tears prick at my eyes but I refuse them to leave my eyelashes. Sanguine doesn't notice. I get up and begin to walk around the calm streets. Everybody is inside, writing. I see One Direction posters that have been clumsily taped over with 5 seconds of summer posters, but you can see Harry's hair of Niall's eye sticking out of the sides. A young 13 year old girl stumbles out onto the road.

"Hey, do you want to read my Larry fanfiction? It represents gays truthfully and respectfully." she says. I shake my head.

"I'm originally a RCR, so I don't read fanfic much." I say. She frowns.

"Okay, that's fine. Hey, Moveljay?" she says. I nod. "Promise me that you'll get my Movella on the front page when you bring the old Movellas back?" she asks. I look at her for a moment, thinking. I finally reply with

"When I take Movellas over, everyone will be on the front page. Including you."

That's when the bomb hits.



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