The Moveljay: An Anti-Movellas fanfiction

Movellas has changed drastically since the old days of peace between the two cities.
Now the Moveljay must spread her wings.


4. The Author

A fairly well made-up woman comes tearing out of the door. But she runs past me, and she ignores Sanguine like I did. She runs straight to another door that says "Salvaged Wreckage" and she bursts through it. I run after her. I enter the doorway and try to ask her what's wrong. Suddenly, she lets out a sigh of relief and kneels down by a heap of books that seem to have taken quite a bit of damage, but all around are looking okay. These must be her beloved books. I know how she must have felt. I lost all my work in the deletion.

"Are all these yours?" I say, pointing to the pile.

"Well, some of them are also my friend's. We co-authored."

"That's great!" I say.

"They were John Bryan and F.J Morgan, my best friends." she says. "Do you know if they're okay?"

"No, sorry." I say. "But what are you doing with the mumblers?"

"I was composing a mumble about my new book, The Missing and..." she begins to cry. 

"I'm...sorry." I say, looking at my feet. Suddenly, she looks up and says

"I musn't cry. It's babyish." and gets up. She collects a couple of her books and wipes away the tears.

"Sorry. I take pride in my work and..." but she couldn't carry on. "Anyway, I'm Victoria Wethers. First class Red Citizen. I was evacuated efficiently just a month ago. Your status?" she says. 

"TMJ, former Second Class Red, currently the Moveljay." I say, trying not to sound smug. Victoria looks confused. "The Moveljay, the face of the rebellion." I explain. Holly suddenly bursts into the warehouse.

"Moveljay! Ah, you're here. I see you've met Victoria. Sorry, she's been in shock since the deletions. We're keeping her with the other mumblers. But she isn't the only Victoria you're going to meet. Come." she says. I follow her, expecting Victoria to accompany me, but she just stays next to her pile, caressing the burnt copies of her work. She seems like a very level-headed person, but I know that feeling of a true Movellist. The compassion for your work. 

We enter a stairway that leads down to a huge system of cubicles. Holly leads me to yet another door at the end and unlocks it with a click of the fingers. It opens automatically and I'm treated to one more awesome scene. It's a huge room full of crazy weapons. Long, lighting-bolt shaped swords that give of an electrical current, a coil of glowing red rope that I have a hunch is poisonous, and in the middle of the room was a short, slightly singed woman who I'm guessing is the inventor of all these weird and wonderful destruction tools. Her hair sticks out every which way and is a silvery white, tipped with metal grey. Her eyes are electric blue and she wears basic looking armour that I'm sure is, in reality, stronger than steel. She is holding a ray gun that us shooting technicolour beams that make anything it touches disappear. Just as she notices us and turns to wave, I hear that awful familiar "Bleep!" from where the beams are pointed. Realisation dawns on me.

These rays are just as powerful as the deletion bombs.

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