Eat for a Day or love for a lifetime

- Girl already knowing of the vampire community that is slowly coming out. They are curious and unknowing one less than others. His name is Oliver Mazer for some reason Victorya Fairchild has attracted her fair share of eyes from just being invisible to the human race.
- Oliver Mazer has found a new object of distraction from the boring and all so pathetic drama queens in his place of living that he is forced to share. Life has become interesting once again with Victorya Fairchild around.


1. Chapter 1


Time seemed to tick by in Victorya’s literary appreciation’s class she liked it because of the fact that there were no lectures or droned on speeches from the teachers and the students left her alone for the most part. Like her they were in their own little world of fantasy and horror. The fact that it was Victorya’s last class of the day made it even better, all she had to do was read any of her precious books for an entire hour. The bell rang and time was up for class Victorya finished her page closed her book and started to pack up her things and headed to her locker in the same hallway. As she unlocked her locker she looked around at the people and glared the people at this school were filled with nothing but selfish greed, not that she could say anything but at least she would put out a hand for someone that needs one.

After stopping home to change Victorya was on her way to her favorite club to dance off some excess energy she had from school and home. Some issues can be pressed out by reading but others need to be danced through life’s frustrations. The After Dark club was a nocturnal club that played different types of dancing music and if you got in good with the DJ then you can make requests to the playlist that night.  She knew the DJ but never had to make request because she always played nice music that could be danced to.

Time passed by pretty quickly and after a few dozen songs Victorya was ready for a drink. Even though you are supposed to be 21 to drink The After Dark club is an underground club for the delinquent teenagers. Everyone knows about the club even the adults but it’s only a way for kids to release pent up energy and stress. Fairchild valley is filled with vampires and other mythical creatures. The only reason why Victorya knows is because her family was one of the founding families and they made a treaty with all the creatures they could to attack any people on the street just not the people in buildings of any sort and even in the building the creatures have to behave like any other person being invited in a home. A lot of these animals don’t abide by these rules but they keep up appearance and clean up after themselves to make it look like they are off any radar.

Victorya didn’t care about any of that; as long as they left her alone to dance then she was alright with them. And as long as she acted like she didn’t know what any of them are then they didn’t think of her anything else but a next meal. Another song went off and she let out a howl with everyone else and went to the dance floor. To her and everyone else there dancing was living.

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