Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

For the competition


4. Percy

No one was ready for the firework show. 

As soon as dark hit they started. It turned out that the booms that they had heard all day were fireworks, going off during the day and not making anything happen visually. Everyone had gathered on the beach adn was watching them going off over the water. 'Oohs' and 'aahs' came from the crowd as Catherine Wheels spun into the sky and Roman candles fizzed into the sky.

But Percy felt a slight sense of trepidation. No one knew who was setting the fireworks off. Fr all they knew, this could be the prelude to a huge bomb. Nothing in the life of a demigod was ever as it seemed.

Another camper came up to ask them what was going on. People seemed to think that Percy and Annabeth (or 'Percabeth' as Piper and some of the other girls had started calling them) would have the answers to everything. It's not like they weren't amazing or anything, but there were some things even Annabeth didn't know.

A scream rose from the crowd, drawing Percy from his train of thought. A huge dragon was flying through a tunnel of fireworks, with what looked like two people on it's back.

Could it be Festus?

It couldn't- his body had been destroyed. But the girl looked a lot like Calypso, with her cinnamon hair flying out behind her. And the boy appeared to have flames shooting from his palms...

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