Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

For the competition


3. Percy

The booms continued, every thirty seconds or so, well into the night. At dinner, no one felt much like eating. The Romans had joined them for dinner, anxious about what was happening.  Reyna, Percy, Annabeth and Clarisse sat in a worried huddle at the Poseidon table.  

'What does this mean?' Reyna's black eyes were full of concern.

'I don't know.' Annabeth paused as another quake shook the ground. They were coming about every five minutes now, each stronger than the last.

'If these go on much longer then the Big House will go.' Annabeth shook her head. You could feel the tension rising from both camps. Percy covered Annabeth's hand with his and smiled grimly at her.

'It's gonna be fine' He murmured. Problem was, it sounding like he was reassuring himself more than anyone else.




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